Monday, May 19, 2014

News From the Shadow of the Baseball Cathedral:

Take Jerry out to the ballgame, 1969
Bronx-born singer Jerry Vale dies at 83
"A baseball fan since childhood, he hired a 40-piece band and eight background singers to record the national anthem as a gift for the Yankees in 1963. The recording became a fixture at sporting events for years and was the first song inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y."
Man Dressed as Woman Tries To Torch Occupied Token Booth
"The crazed cross-dresser set fire to papers and shoved them into the opening of the token booth’s glass facing at the D train station at 182nd St./183rd St. in Fordham at 4:50 p.m." 
Swastika-Wearing Cabbie Says He Doesn't Hate Jews
"Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview was a question Diaz, who is not white, posed to reporter Young. 'Who says you have to be white to be a National Socialist?' he asked."
"Stealing? I'll teach you!"
The grocery store fight that opened the 1995 Jackie Chan film Rumble In The Bronx: 


I'm Bill White said...

I want to be the guy that stacks empty soda cans on action movie sets for stars like Jackie Chan to throw bad guys through.

KD said...

C'mon, Yankees! Honor Jerry Vale.

we have a dead guy introducing the Captain. We've got a dead gal singing God Bless America. We even have Sinatra (another dead guy) for after the game. why not a dead guy for the national anthem?