Sunday, May 25, 2014

Someone Please Refresh My Memory

Why was it we didn't meet Seattle's offer for Cano again? We didn't want to go 10 years because it would have likely (but not definitely) meant carrying him around for the last two or three, while reaping the greatness for the first seven or eight? But McCann for five, that was a sound decision, as was Beltran for three, as was Ellsbury for seven (at least he'll be worth it, if he doesn't crumple to injuries....something Cano has shown absolutely no danger of).

So all of those were worth doing but Robbie for 10 wasn't? And having a lame infield that needs help and will probably lead to another lousy trade involving our promising younger guys and a long-term deal for someone not worth Robbie's sweaty jogging shorts...this is OK?

I'm with Alphonso. This ownership and front office and farm system management all need to be fired.

My 90-year-old mother could run this team better, and probably would, if asked. She has a fair amount of free time these days.

The incompetence of the Steinbrenner clan continues unabated and unchecked. What will it take? Would Murdoch do any better? Certainly couldn't be more annoyingly right-wing than the Kate Smith crap every damn game...

And sorry once again for not being witty. I'll try harder when I'm less disgusted.


Anonymous said...

witty or not you're still better than mustang

Robot E Lee said...

This was brilliant. Right up to the point where the whole argument hinged on the "promising young guys". Which don't exist.