Saturday, May 24, 2014

Response To El Duque Post ( below )

This is always the time of year Yankee fans dread the most.  Where, in the blurred vision of Yankee brass, the fantasy exists that with, " just one more reliable starter ," we can end our slide and make the playoffs.

The reality is this;

1.  A .500 team doesn't make the playoffs or belong in them.

2.  If we make a deal, giving up the young talent we think we have, the best we do is get into, and then lose, the one game play-in (  Or whatever stupid, money making device the league has in place for crap teams).

3.  You are right that the other teams aren't stupid.  The only stupid people are the Yankee's
Cashman ( who repeatedly makes the same, ineffective moves and believes they will this time work ), and Jim Dolan.

4.  If we give up Bettances, Murphy and, let's say, Solarte ( the other teams aren't stupid…..they know our minor league guys suck, so they want proven ability ), I am absolutely, and forever, done with the Yankees.

5.  If they aren't aware enough to know that it is insane to pursue the same failed strategies hoping for a different outcome, then who would want to be associated with them, anyway?

6.  The Yankees used to build champions by making incredible deals to our benefit.  Remember when Kansas City used to be a virtual farm system for future Yankee greats?  Now the Yankees are at the other end of the stick.  They aren't the Yankees I knew and loved, so giving them up won't be that difficult.

Cashman has to be fired, or perhaps sent to Yemen as US ambassador, if he gives up youth for wrecked and wretched old arms.  Throw away the Steindolts' money all you want.  I don't care about that waste.  They deserve to be pillaged of all they were handed.

But, by accident, we finally have a few players under the age of eighty who are performing, hustling, and not breaking down.  Don't dare deal them away for another Ed Whitson.


John M said...

I second that emotion.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

ABSOLUTELY agree 1000000000% !!!!!!!!

Scouty said...

We don't need more old geezers, we need youth!!!