Tuesday, May 13, 2014

All In A Week

Can we all agree?

Brian Cashman's cover-up, spending strategy has failed.

In 7 days, Yankee fans have swallowed the following;

1.  We are on the fringe of becoming a .500 club.

2.  We have dropped out of first place in the AL East.

3.  CC goes on DL due to age-related, physical break down.

4.  Pineda's DL stay extended by yet another 15 days.

5.  Beltran departs last night's game due to an elbow strain incurred during batting practice.

6.  Tex gets day off, after his hot hitting streak wears down his leg ( It was his wrist that he re-habilitated the last two seasons, right? ).

7.  Aceves loses magic after brilliant first outing.  Bullpen failed at every opportunity last night.

8.  We now have more unrecognizable, AAA pitchers in NYC than in Scranton, as three new pitchers are elevated to Yanks.  Did I mention that none of them are considered high-end prospects?

9.  Our most significant, " gangbuster" off-season, free agent move ( signing McCann ) saw his batting average decline to about .214.

Summary :  Cashman has done the bidding of the bone-head, Steinbrenner offspring.  Their strategy of buying  old, established stars is now another year into total failure. And we are going to have more major injuries, with no quality depth ( maybe Almonte, or is he now ruined?) upon which to call.   Count on it.

 Our farm system grows older and less interesting by the hour.  Our draft picks suck.  Our "top prospects" will do better as roofers.  There isn't a single player in the minor league system we should have any hopes for ( Maybe Sanchez?)

The buck has to stop with Cashman.

Dump him now, I say.  We need to show that failure requires accountability.  Otherwise, this just goes on and on and on.

Can't wait to see what the next 7 days will bring.

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Anonymous said...

So tru, will they ever change their ways?