Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Redsocks face one of sports' great rivalries - against Tampa

Yes, the Yankee demise has gotten so bad that Boston fans don't even have us No. 1 in their cross hairs. Consider this thread on Reddit:

Redsock-Yankee rivalry, you say? Where?

The two teams play like old friends in an office softball league. Whenever Big Papi reaches second-base, it's tough for him to not hug Jeter. Why would the players brawl? Next year, they might be in the opposite dugout, like Jacoby Ellsbury. Ferocity is also muted by the fact that it's a game between two .500 teams. They both know the deal: Win today and lose tomorrow! Everybody gets paid, anyway. Hey, whose got Brazil in the World Cup punch board?


Anonymous said...

Anyone see the tag Teix put on Crisp during the game?

John M said...

We're Number Three! We're Number Three! We're Number Three! We're Number Three! We're Number Three!

And now, join us in honoring the pompous windbags who actually think they're honoring our servicemen and -women overseas by standing up for Kate Smith singing 'God Bless America'....

Man, I hope the Steinklowns sell so we can retire that little ritual along with the farm system management and front office.