Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where are all the people the Yankees are reporting?

This is from a crappy, "isn't life wonderful" video put forth by MLB, showing a Yankee fan clapping for Robinson Cano, while a hotdog dangles from his mouth. You can see it here, if you need to.

But there is one real news story of home Yankee games this season, and it's not getting reported:

There is nobody there. 

Behind the dugouts, behind the plate, everywhere... there is nobody there.

Look at all those blue empties. Trust me, those people are not all simultaneously using the rest room. You can say that last night was a make-up game. You can say it was Monday night. But the weather was nice, it was warm, it was King Felix and Robbie Cano... and here's the really weird part.

The Yankees last night reported a large crowd. 

According to MLB, the Yankees' paid attendance last night was 41,539. 

According to MLB, Yankee Stadium last night was 84.4 percent full.

Where are the people?


ceeja said...

The Yanks chose to build a stadium and a business model that caters to the top 1%, who will drop the team like a hot potato the minute that latter day incarnations of Gene Michael, Horace Clarke, and Mike Kekich replace Jeter, Cano, and Sabathia. They'll just go and buy the next hot ticket in town.

The Yanks don't give a crap about Ada Robinson and all the real fans who actually liked Horace Clarke and who bleed for the team. I want the team to fail; I want more empty seats; I want all the front runners cleaned out so I can watch Bettances and Heathcott and Austin come up. I want the Steinbrenners to see the value of their team dive below $1 billion. I want a real owner who buys the team for a bargain to get control and to implement sound management.

Heri said...

Past... I'll be there, that's all that matters to me.

James said...

ceeja is right. The one-percenters have prepaid for all those unoccupied seats.

The stadium is so quiet these days that if you listen very carefully, even sitting in the outfield you can hear Derek Jeter's bones creaking when he bends down to field a ball.

John M said...

I second ceeja's emotion. But I am looking forward to the cheapest sports tickets in town.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

Well said Ceeja, well said!