Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Who Is Responsible?

As Duque says ( actually implied ), Soriano can only hit a fastball.  If you throw a breaking ball in the dirt, he will flail at it, unsuccessfully, every time.  And did anyone notice his error on a routine, soft-liner to right field the other day?

Who is responsible for the Yankees having this two-sided dog ( no hit; no field ) on the Yankee roster?  Brian Cashman.

We have a speedy center fielder with 2 home runs and a batting average in the .260's.  He was great once.  For years he was an all star.   The Yankees signed him to a 7 year contract well after his peak years had occurred.

Who is responsible for the Yankees having this over-the-hill player locked up for 7 years,
preventing ( barring injury ) any young player from ever getting a shot ?
Brian Cashman.

Who is responsible for signing a .250 singles hitter, with limited range, to replace Robbie Cano?  A guy signed despite a history of injuries and rapidly approaching old age?

Brian Cashman.

Who is responsible for inking Carlos Beltran to a three year, $45 million deal ( not sure of the number here, but it is huge ) when the world series champions, for whom he gave his last good season, didn't want him anymore because they decided to go younger?

Brian Cashman.

Who signed a discarded catcher, whose reputation for collapse had not quite caught up to him yet ( thus affording Brian McCann an opportunity for a final "pension" pay-day from some idiotic team ) to a 5 year contract, thus blocking the career development and contribution of players at the one position where we might actually have some talent from playing?

Brian Cashman

Who, regularly, makes horrible trades for pitchers who cannot pitch, and hitters who cannot hit and manages an amateur draft where the Yankees have acquired zero ( ZERO ) talent since Derek Jeter?

Brian Cashman.

It is like he was asked to lead us into battle, and we got slaughtered.  More than once.  Then, we promote him and ask him to again lead us to slaughter.  And he is doing a fine job.

Cashman must go.  He is responsible.  He is awful.


Ken of Brooklyn said...


KD said...

I have resisted this for a while but your words are true. Cashman must go and be replaced by somebody from the Cardinal organization. we could also use Cardinal ownership. there would be an immediate end to the empty seats behind home plate situation. that area is always packed in St. Louis. ALWAYS.

Ken of Brooklyn said...

I second KD's suggestion!

Joey Beans said...

Is it Cashman though? Or is it The Steinbrothers/Randy Levine? I'd like to think if it wasn't for the mandate to have marketable (i.e. declining) "stars" imported in, then Cashman would happily rebuild for a year or two.

I really think the problem is above even Cashman unfortunately.

Marcus said...

Cashman is such a wet paper towel that he doesn't have it in him to fend off the Steinbrenner/Levine stupidity. That too is a form of incompetence. Also there's no evidence that Cashman would have the smarts to rebuild even if he wanted to. He strikes me as a droning, heavy-lidded dullard. For fifteen years he lived off the largesse of the Buck/Stick core, and the team has slowly unraveled (with a couple of upticks) since then.

bennyboy said...

The Cardinals didn't win the World Series last year, and Cashman didn't want to make that Soriano trade. Hal ordered him to do so.

John M said...

I don't know how much falls to Cash or to other individuals, but it does seem time to put a bomb under the shithouse.

Unless some couple is having sex in it, then we can wait a few minutes.