Sunday, June 1, 2014

We Have Another On The List…..

The affable one, the one with the list, not the enforcers lurking behind the reeds, asked politely,
" Do you know of a player who rarely plays?  I think he may be of Latino background."

As Girardi, massaging his head and pinching his temples for relief, failed to respond, I could see the hackles of impatience rising on a few of the younger, tough looking birds in the background.

"  It says here, ' he was acquired in a trade with Seattle a few years back,' but we rarely saw him in uniform so he was of no concern to us.  When last seen, he had grease, or some odd substance, on his neck.  Truth be told, swans never put anything on their necks.  They are sacred to us.  He is violating a precious law of nature.  Why would you want him, anyway?"

Girardi tried to deflect the growing hostility by saying,

" We're still evaluating him.  It was a minor set-back.  Some stiffness in the shoulder.  We'll give him a rest for a few days and see."  Girardi started to perspire and his words had an uncertain, fearful tone.

" Again, I only know what is in the note," retorted the now more menacing bird. It says," 'go get  him.  He has already been resting more than a month.'

"It would be really helpful," the leader with the razor sharp, barn -red beak offered,  "if we could wrap this up now.  I think it would be better for all concerned. No one likes to wait and worry.  Wait and worry.  That helps no one."

She glided effortlessly in a wide circle, around the reeds, never taking her red-rimmed eye from Girardi.  In swan-talk, she calmed the gathering, young hoodlums who wanted to just move in and end the drama.

"Who does it serve if we have to come back for him, after another month of hot towels and massages?"


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KD said...

These damn swans of yours are giving me nightmares.