Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Discovered: The Curse of PeteAbe

In September 2009, the baseball world was stunned by the announcement that longtime LoHud writer-blogger-lugnut Peter Abraham was leaving the protective Yankiverse cocoon to cover the Boston Redsocks.

Presumably, the scribe known as "PeteAbe" had long coveted the whimsical and romantic life of the Redsock beat writer, who annually has the chance to follow America's favorite champions in their magical quest for Schillingtonian glory.

Within a month, Boston was kaput, and the miserable, wretched Yankees - who had been shackled for years under PeteAbe's watch - had won the World Series.

In 2010, the mighty Redsocks - despite the signing of John Lackey, the best free agent pitcher on the market - failed to make the playoffs. That prompted a Steinbrennerian winter spending rage - adding Adrian Gonzalez, Bobby Jenks and Carl Crawford - moves that resulted in a unanimous certainty this spring that 2011 would be the greatest year ever for the beloved 25-man Redsock legion of hope.

Now this: Calamity. Defeat. Finger-and-toe-pointing... and PeteAbe.

As soon as the Yankees shed the bugger, their problems ended, and Boston's began.

Coincidence, you say?

This is what I say.

There are no coincidences. He's all yours, Redsock Nation. Mwahahahahaha.


John Lackey said...

I like having him around. He's even uglier than me.

Kevin Doukilis said...

And me

Kei's Mom said...

First picture I've seen of him since he left. When did he start sporting the Townie Douchenozzle facial hair ? He looks like he ate Varitek and Lowell.

basura said...

And the beat goes on...

The BEAT goes on