Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yankeetorial: Make no mistake. Today could be our long-awaited payback for 2004

(Note to juju gods: I'm not saying it will happen, or that we should be greedy. I'm simply offering a suggestion)

Ever since that fateful night seven years ago, when Javier Vazquez and company successfully squandered a three-game playoffs lead, ending nearly 100 years of harmony on a once-promising planet, Yankeekind has dreamed of returning to the Promised Land, the life we once had, when Yankee men hit home runs, and Yankee women waited for them with teddys and plates of homemade potato salad.

Today, we have a chance to return to the Garden. We can end the malaise, bury Wakefield and Varitek forever... we can move on.

Six months ago, the '27 Redsocks were heralded as America's Super Team, the one sure thing along with Sarah Palin's marriage. Today, a doubleheader sweep could end Terry Francona's term, send Theo to Chicago, leave Josh Beckett's last great season forgotten on the scrap heap of history, and send the fratboy fan base early into football.

Not saying it will happen. Not daring to predict such a thing. Just saying, it's nice to dream.

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BernBabyBern said...

Mmmmmm ... homemade potato salad ....