Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today, let's lose one for the Gipper

The old Yankee Stadium - (which Redsock Rudy Giuliani loved so much that he orchestrated its demolition) - hosted the two greatest speeches in the history of sports, if not humankind.

Gary Cooper's dramatic farewell, and Newt Reagan's "Win One for the Gipper."

On that note...

Today, I (I) consider ('nsider) myself (self) the luckiest (uckiest) fan (fan) on the face (on the face) of the earth (of the earth.) And boys, on his death bed, I'll never forget Ronald Reagan look up to me and saying, Newt, when the team is down someday, get out there and tell them to lose one for me, for the Hipper. (Kevin Youkilis, that is, currently battling a bad hip.)

Paging Andrew Brackman...

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