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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It is time to take nominations for September Yankee Employee of the Month

August winner Francisco Cervelli is out for the season.

Bartolo Colon and Curtis Granderson tailed off noticeably after receiving their awards.

But come on, who believes in the IIH Yankee Employee of the Month curse? It's unsubstantiated dogma, pure superstition, right? Might as well believe in the existence of Bigfoot or Lady Gaga's male genitalia.

So who should we nominate....?

Brian Cashman, moneyball
Derek Jeter, drive
Robinson Cano, warrior
Mariano Rivera, the killer elite

No worries about The Curse, right...?

So... any other nominations?


Anonymous said...

Kei Igawa. Remember 2009. We need his juju.

Yan said...

Scott Proctor, his presence started the red sox collapse.

Alphonso said...

Scott Proctor, for sure.

He should be the only one. If you need more, add Ian Kennedy and Jeff Karstens.

Anonymous said...

Kyle Farnsworth?

Unknown said...

Scott Fucking Proctor's Remaining Arm

DeadBat said...

Boone Logan. He opened the door to the Rays.

Theo Epstein said...

Alfredo Aceves.

Joe Torre said...

Scott Proctor

Joe said...

Cory Wade

Papelbon's One Remaining Nad said...

Special Dispensation: Buck Showalter was once a Yankee.

Sean said...

Scott Proctor! He did his job.

Joe De Pastry said...

GE Capital Partner Players: Wade & Proctor!

BernBabyBern said...

Have to join the chorus.

Scott Proctor.

If he doesn't win in a landslide, there needs to be a revote.

Bye Bye Balboni said...

Why isn't anyone showing the love for Ramiro Peña? Come on, the man batted over .100 (I think) this September!