Friday, September 30, 2011

This is bad.

Really bad.

Note: For the first time in your life that the Yankees went an entire season without trading the future for the past. We broke a negative cycle that had existed for generations and destroyed us for an entire decade. Brian Cashman did it.

Now this.


Jimmy the Half Greek said...

let him go to the Cubs as the GM and Francona can be his manager.
Hire Alphonso as new GM

alph the pious said...

I think the photos are phony. Look how grainy they are

That could be a Cashman signing a Yankee prospect to a contract.

melgarskof said...

I am hoping that this response to the Sunday Times article about John Sterling gets back to him and his humorless and dull witted detractors. What is wonderful about Mr. Sterling's announcing style is that he is truly your eyes when you are unable to see the game. If one was at the game or watching it on TV a long drive that may be a home run, but is caught, is both and exciting and frustrating thing to watch. When it does go out is a thing of joy. His golden voice, drama, sense of humor, enthusiasm, and knowledge that Mr. Sterling brings to the announcing booth are priceless! He reminds me of Mel Allen.