Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's all our fault: The day after poem

They'll scream about those last six runs,
Into our wounds, they'll pour their salt,
The Redsock fans, the Chosen Ones,
They'll say to us: 'IT ALL YOUR FAULT."

They'll wail how Mariano sat,
While Corey Wade lit up the sky,
They'll call Arod a dirty rat.
They'll say we didn't even try. 

They'll say we faked that triple play,
Though Martin dove headlong to first.
"You took a dive!" that's what they'll say,
They'll say, to win, we had no thirst.

They'll wail and moan; they'll never quit,
They cannot just be also-rans.
It's all our fault they spit the bit.
It's all our fault... they're Redsock fans.


Joe said...

EFF THOSE ASSBAGS. We made the playoffs already. We had a 7 run lead. We can't rest our starters for game one? Eat a bag of dicks Red Sux fans. Your team needed to win, and they didn't get it done.

Joe De Pastry said...

Let them think that we did it to them. That makes it even sweeter.

HryFour said...

All Yankee Fans attending friday night's playoff game against Tiggers, should wear Red Socks in honor of the Beantown meltdown. When the camera is on you, point to socks and hold your nose.