'51 Yanks solve Mariano, take 2-1 lead over '98ers in G.O.A.T. World Series

"Suzyn, this is about missed opportunities..."
Pauly's baserunning blunder...
Superchief wobbly in fifth...
Did Torre bring in Mo too early?
Gil McDougald... G.O.A.T. MVP?
Knobby's drive falls short; it's a small ball series!
Next up: Eddie Lopat v Orlando Hernandez

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our correspondent in Hell: Pete Abe

NEW YORK — Joe Girardi said today that the Yankees would start Freddy Garcia (11-8, 3.77) A.J. Burnett (10-11, 5.28) and Ivan Nova (16-4, 3.62) against the Red Sox this weekend.

The Sox are starting Jon Lester, Tim Wakefield and Somebody Else. I asked my cab driver just now and it's not him.

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