Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's "Yankee Gift Basket Night" at the Trop

The first 50,000 fans in attendance - (hah, that's a laugh) - will receive a free Yankee/Steiner Collectable Brackman/Betances/Laird Bobblehead Playset, courtesy of the Terry Francona Travel Foundation.

Fans are asked to bring canned food for the Redsocks Distressed Hubby Fund, which allows pitchers to escape uncomfortable marital relationships due to tragic spousal illness or the finding of mucho hotter young alternatives.

During the seventh inning, if the game is close or deadlocked, Tampa fan favorite Raphael Soriano will sing "God Bless America" and serve fried gopher balls to the crowd. As a special attraction, people with iPhones will be encouraged to call out play-by-play of the Boston/Baltimore game and/or what's happening on Survivor: South Pacific. 

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