Sunday, September 18, 2011

Letter to the Editor: A key issue in Buffalo

Buffalo News (New York)
September 11, 2011 Sunday
Dear Editors,
After last season's poor performance by A.J Burnett for the New York Yankees, I'm really surprised that the Yankees didn't release him or hide him in the bullpen.

I was hoping that this year I'd see a good turnaround with Burnett either discovering flawed mechanics with the pitching coach or maybe discover the problem exists in his head (can't stand adversity?)

Lo and behold the Yankees give him the ball and Burnett promptly goes out there and stinks up the park.

I'm frustrated, impatient, angry and just plain had it with this multimillionaire loser.

I wouldn't give A.J. Burnett a Wiffle ball to pitch with in a game.

Ronald Pecoraro

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