Thursday, September 29, 2011

Top ten things you can say to a redsock fan to cheer them up in their time of sorrow

10. The Marlins won't win either, so you're still tied with them on the "most World Series titles in the last 90 years" list!!

9 If this were the Olympics, you'd be the AL East bronze medalist!!

8. Look at all the extra free time you'll have over the next few weeks!! I hear that "Real Steel" is destined to be a classic!!

7. You won't be anguishing about how Lackey would pitch in the playoffs!! That'll be good for your ulcer!!

6. John Lester is still unbeaten vs. Baltimore!!

5. Hey, only 6 more years and $130 more million and you're free from that Carl Crawford contract!!

4. I'm sure Theo will re-sign Wakefield and Varitek and make another run at that whole "best team ev-ah" thing!!

3. Now, you won't be quite so hung up on Grady Little and Bill Buckner!!

2. Ted Williams' head is going to be brought in on Friday night's "Pawn Stars," and now you're free to watch!!

1. Your team won 90 games!! You should be SO PROUD!!

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