Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a great day for a ballgame! Let's lose two!

Seriously. Two. Let's grow a pair. I know it hurts. I know it's wrong. Bend over. Turn your heads and cough. Achoo.

After the heroic way that Buck Showalter responded yesterday against the Redsocks - (whoever thought of it? pitching Big Game VandenHurk!) - it's time for us to do our share for old pals Johnny Damon, Kyle Farnsworth, and the future Yankees now playing in Tampa. Take one for the team. Make it a double.

Remember: This isn't just any Redsock club.

This is the 1927 All-Time Greatest Redsock team.

Yes, I know, I know... you're shaking your little heads. "Never condone defeat, el duque," you're thinking. "Never concede a game to the opposition!"

Listen: If we take merely two out of three against Tampa, Boston skates. We'll have to sweep them this weekend. Plus, we'll be in danger of leaving our winning streak in the regular season, and then going cold in the post.

OK, look... compromise: Let's lose at least one today.

For Buck. 

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