Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Deja Vu Squared

I was hanging in there while the game was tied 1-1.

But when our young pitching phenom, "boinked," his second assisted put out attempt
 at first base ( flip from Tex to beat the runner), and the second Oriole run scored, I did my calculation of probability, concluded that the Yankees could no longer win, and turned off the TV.

So here is my question;  Who did Brian Cashman hire to coach this young man?  Is it the same guy who teaches our players how to bunt, and how to hit the opposite way against the shift?  In other words, the same coach or coaches who leave our multi-million dollar professionals absolutely
useless ( almost comically bad ) at these traditional, required baseball skills?

Another failure of Mr. Cashman.  Often not noticed, until last night.  But a failure nonetheless.

It seemed as though Luis has never seen a play like that before, where he has to cover first, take a flip from Tex and step on the bag for the out.  I will grant you, that he, " got there," ahead of the runner both times.  The tricky part was the, " multi-tasking;  catching the ball while running, and then stepping on the base.

 Young Luis looked like a new born giraffe on ice.  He looked neither at the ball nor the bag, but just glazed over and, " went panic."  I wonder how it felt;  stepping on nothing without the ball?

At 2-1 Baltimore, of course, the game was doomed.

Better to watch the some near frozen guy trying to hunt a moose for his winter meat.  And leaving the safety on when he took the shot.

That's what Luis did.  He left the safety on his glove.  So it wouldn't catch.

More fine work for the organization, Brian.

When are you leaving?

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