Saturday, May 7, 2016

Note To Editors ( see below )

Do we continue to list CC as our team leader in wins, even while he is on the DL?


Tom said...

yes. adds to the potency of the item. pathetic. our most successful pitcher has two wins -- and he's disabled.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, we add Jack Chesbro, in order to impress everyone...

Local Bargain Jerk said...

He could be in a cold room wearing a toe tag, but he's still the team leader until someone passes him.

On a completely different note, Bartolo Colon hit his first career home run at age 42. Those guys across town are having fun. Over on our side have a professional, corporate, must-win mentality.

Except we aren't winning.

Alphonso said...

We cut Colon 7 years ago. Decided he was too young for his teammates.

Another instance where Cashman, and his hired cronies, cannot judge talent and ability.

He has won more games with the Mets, after we trashed him, than any Yankee starter, regardless of age.

Nice work Mr. C.