Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Win Streak

This is a tough one to swallow.  But our longest win streak of the season continues today.

Why tough to swallow?  We have Pineda pitching.

The gemstone of our trade with Seattle, where we gave up baby Jesus and many others to acquire him.

Pundits still argue about who won that trade.  Go ahead, pundits, identify yourselves.

It is really difficult to make an intelligent case that the Yankees " won" that trade.  So far, Pineda has only hurt the Yankees.  Jesus hurts no one in Buffalo.

And isn't a neutral better than a negative?  Let me put it this way;  you make a $1million investment.  Choice A:  at the end of 4 years you still have $1 million.  Choice B:  at the end of 4 years you have $100,000.  Those who think we won that trade always select choice B.

So somehow the Yankees have to overcome a huge burden, before the first ball is pitched today.  It is like carrying a 50 pound bag of grain in a marathon, and still expecting to win.

Let me also mention the performance of Brett Gardner yesterday.  The backdrop is; Girardi gave him a day off.  But, at a critical moment, when the Yanks could put the game away with an insurance run, Brett comes up in a pinch hitting role. We had runners at 2nd and 3rd and one out.  Pretty much any contact with the ball scores a run.

So Brett, as usual, fouls off the first, best pitch of the at-bat, and digs himself a pitcher's count.  Soon, and predictably, he is swinging at back to back pitches in the dirt, until he strikes out  ( again ).  Our automatic out in a clutch situation.  Had we been down 10-0, he might have hit a single.

Here is a message to Joe;  never, ever use Brett Gardener as a batter when we need a clutch hit.  Just avoid it, and you as manager, will look better.

The Hicks/Nicks guy also can't hit for dick.  He has a great arm.  Period.

But the streak lives. Don't ask me how, but this team climbs the stairs to the plane home with the season's longest winning streak still breathing.

Count on it.


John M said...

As predicted, this team will have its runs and look like it can actually win games. But it's a mirage, a shimmering illusion that will makes us think there's water in the desert but when we get there we'll be drinking sand.

The walking dead go on a tear. Whoopee.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oakland, with 13 guys on the Injury List, is a Little League team/ Only an incompetent moron like Girardi believe the Yankees are hot!!!

Alphonso said...

No one said anything about the Yankees being hot.

They have just put together 5 straight wins, the longest winning
streak of the season.

They can lose to anybody.

Tom said...

pretty audacious forecasting, but it happened just like Alphonso said it would. We swept Oakland, and we have a five game winning streak, and we're almost at .500.

unfortunately, the Stein Spawn may not read this blog, and therefore, he may not recognize where this sudden success originated. And in his confusion, he may think that his milquetoast scolding of "the players" may have played a role in this sudden but small revival. So, we should expect more pronouncements from Mounted Hal.

Alphonso said...

Good point, Tom. An admonishment such as, " we should be doing better," might just ignite a fire under the team. Or, " onward, boys, play ball the way you know how."

P.S. Perhaps you should initiate a contest where our loyal blog readers submit pithy sayings of encouragement for the team which Hal might say, if he could think. The winner could get a hat or tee shirt that reads, " Hal inspires."