Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Redsocks may be cheating, yet the story is about how the mean MLB is asking questions

MLB is investigating Boston for its signings last July of several Latino 16-year-olds, a few who were considered as top talent in Venezuela, for only $300,000 per boy. Because they'd overspent their international allotment, the Redsocks were supposed to be capped at $300,000 per boy. So how did they buy these boys?

Well, what if you sign five boys - four duds, one stud - from the same pimp trainer, for $1.5 million overall, and then let the pimp jeefe agent re-distribute it? The prized boy prospect gets $1.2 million, or whatever, the others go home happy with scraps, Boston circumvents the rules and its vaunted farm system continues to magically produce.

Some would call it "cheating," but - hey - only the Yankees do that, right?

Evidently, Baseball America has been asking questions. Nevertheless, in this illuminating write-up, it's hard to figure out whether the villain is Boston or MLB. Questions are raised about the tactics of those mean old investigators, who rounded up the now 17-year-olds and tried to get information.

According to multiple sources, MLB officials told the players that if they lied, the commissioner’s office would suspend them. They asked the players to give them their banking information and said they would investigate their bank accounts, according to those sources. Some of the players broke down in tears.

The story goes on to prattle that everybody does these package deals, so why is MLB picking on Boston? Frankly, I assume the Yankees are just as guilty.

When you have a Third World economic system predicated on pimps trainers finding, raising and selling 16-year-old boys for millions of dollars, you're always going to find a garbage heap of morality.

In America, we don't allow teams to sign 16-year-olds. Last time I looked, the concept is creepy, disgusting, offensive and flatly wrong. How MLB allows it to continue in Latin America is a disgrace. So they're "investigating" Boston? What a crock.

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Anonymous said...

At least the Yankees have Front Office executives with 16 year old mentality.