Friday, April 28, 2017

Huge Yankee Win

Tanaka pitches a 3 hitter in Boston?  Nine inning shut-out?

Christ Sales was dominating for Boston.  Worth everything they traded to get him.  a deal designed to  secure another WS championship for this team of destiny.  He was striking out the world.  Throwing aspirins from odd angles, all for strikes.  No one ( except Torreyes ) could touch him.

And, yet, we scratched an unearned run early , and rode that into the 9th.  With the lead.

Never relinquished.

Has to make people think.


John M said...

It was marvelous, as Geoffrey Holder used to say. And it couldn't have happened to a more deserving adversary.

Tom said...

makes me think that a bunch of our guys are playing really well, including some of the leftovers that I thought should have been discarded after Thanksgiving.

did you notice, though, that Suzyn gets the hindmost on the postgame interviews? there she was in her oh-so-cute hoodie parka that seems to have tickled John's libido interviewing the catcher while the ever-so-ample Meredith Markovits got the pitcher who tossed the 3-hit gem. In this case, I say Suzyn was the winner because she got the guy who was willing to speak English rather than filter through an interpreter. I get the impression that Tanaka could conduct an interview in English, but what are ya gonna do? TV trumped radio long before Suzyn earned her stripes as a post-game interview maestro.

Random impression: Babe Benintendi looks to be a good player, but not in the same league with Bryce Harper or Mike Trout or even Fred Lynn or Carl Yasztremski. Enjoy the victory over Sale; don't know that we can count on beating him too many times when he pitches like he did last night. I sure hope Dan Shaughnessy is panicking.

13bit said...

It does make me think. Then again, a wise old guy once told me "When you're thinking, you're behind enemy lines."

Anonymous said...

I loved it Judge succeeded. The babe benintendi FAILED!!!

joe de pastry said...

Looks like my comment in support of Meredith was deleted.
not cool.

el duque said...


I didn't delete anything, and I doubt there's anything you can say about Meredith that Alphonso would delete. You sure you posted it?

Leinstery said...

I don't understand why the Babe is batting third in that lineup. He appears to be strictly a singles hitter. Sometime during spring training I left a comment expressing my befuddlement at how he was the top prospect in baseball when his scouting reports seemed rather average. Great contact, average in every other aspect. The past two games he looked below average in the field, poor route to balls, weak arm. And I can't say anything about his base-running because I'm sure I didn't see him reach base. He's almost a poor man's Ellsbury, who is a poor man's Ricky Henderson. Not exactly the next Ted Williams.

And Tom, although I initially pointed the lack of professionalism with John's excitement at Suzyn in her coat, after seeing it I totally understand. I used to date a girl that wore a coat like that anytime it was cold (She was from the South and anything colder that 55 degrees was too cold), and some days I'd look at her in her Suzyn Waldman coat with her hood up and, pardon my french, would just want to fuck her silly. Can't fault John for his woman pushing all of the right buttons.

joe de pastry said...

OK, if duque says he didn't delete it and Alphonso wouldn't that's good enough for me.
I won't try to post it again unless someone makes another unkind comment about Meredith.

el duque said...

Chivalry is not dead, Joe!