Saturday, April 22, 2017

With Today's Line-up, We've Got A Shot....

Duque's favorite Yankee is not in the starting line-up.  But that leaves him available for pinch-running, at a critical spot late in the game.

Pineda is a great hitter, and has exceptional bat control.  He is a " gap" hitter, and can lay down a bunt, any bunt.

We have a gallery of pinch hitters available, if we need drama in the 9th.

I think we can book this as a "W."

What time is it, anyway?


KD said...

No hits. Time for some juju.

KD said...

And they say juju doesn't work!

Leinstery said...


We have our answer for Carter's homerun call.


Sadly John didn't give us Carter's stats including his WAR and wRC+

Alphonso said...

If he played a lot; 40 Hrs; 200 K's : 55 GIDP.

Batting average; Just above Greg Bird's.

Leinstery said...

The batting average is probably correct, you're definitely off with the 55 GIDP. Can't ground into them if you strike out at a 99% clip.

Alphonso said...

I made it all up.