Sunday, April 23, 2017

Stop Worrying About Ivan

This is Pittsburgh not Moscow.  Ivan and his death needles are overseas, for the time being.

We have Monty going for us today.  I keep thinking he is wearing Andy Petitte's number, but I could be wrong about that.

So what?  He pitches like him.  He could emerge as a rookie of the year candidate.  Imagine that, a quality, young starting pitcher from the Yankee farm system?.

This dude will have a good day, and Ivan Nova will crap his pants when Aaron Judge appears at the plate.  That 116 MPH, head-level, come-backer will discombobulate his rhythm, and he'll be the Nova we recognize.

Everyone relax.

We've got this one.

P.S. Anybody notice that Torreyes had 4 hits yesterday?  I mean, this guy is a spark plug.  I see more and more Rizzuto in him.  And he can, " pick it, " as they used to say about me ( no ugly , 4th grader comments needed).  Didi should stay away for a while longer.  Return, say, when Sanchez is 100%.

The game's outcome today ( my confidence ), of course, mandates a line-up that does not include Gardy leading off, followed by Ellsbury.  Today, if Joe has a brain ( sorry, many know the answer to this already ), Aaron Hicks will play and Jacoby will sit.  Or play first.

 Okay, Bird will have his second " breakout " game today.  He is starting to make solid contact which would be great if he were still in little league.

Just finished my breakfast coffee, and the sun has just crested the yardarm so it must be time to turn on the game.


Anonymous said...

I admire your attempt at positivity today, Fonz - - but hindsight is a saaaad thing.

Montgomery is wearing Andy Pettitte's number, plus 1 (46 +1 =47)

What - - you have a yardarm?? Are you CAPTAIN Alphonso, of the Venice Beech-Trees??

I agree with nearly all that you said, but with one caveat: IF we keep Aaron Hicks, he probably will never be any good UNLESS he plays every day (at this point, small sample-size be damned, I would still like to TRADE him, if possible, while he's still above the Mendoza Line, and might fetch us a back-up Pete Kozma, or two (ouch!! don't hit me again - - I was jes' kidding, FGS - - can't youse Geez's take a joke, or what??) LB (No J)

joe de pastry said...

He's wearing Tom Sturdivant's number.
Sturdy helped us get revenge on the Dodgers in '56.