Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Just So You Are Aware

Whenever people start exclaiming about, " their top prospect," I always start thinking that I haven't been doing my job.

The yankees just wouldn't stop talking about how advanced this kid is; how he is ready now for the big leagues, blah, blah, blah.  How deep their minor league system is, etc.

Please try not to piss me off with arrogance, and over-confidence.  The yankees are a bunch of trolley car workers, just like everyone else.  Accidents happen all the time.

I have already put the Kaprielian kid, " out of sight and out of mind. " His TJ surgery was yesterday and, in 2 years, maybe three, you will see if he can still pitch.  Although, he could be a free agent by then.

Today, we asked for, and received, some idle time for Gleyber Torres, the Yankees top SS candidate.
Here is how the Yankees in 2017 are faring with the classic formula; "Strength up the middle."  Starting catcher - (on the DL ); Starting SS ( on the DL ); top pitching prospect ( gone ); top SS prospect ( on the DL ).

For now, Gleyber  ( what kind of name is Gleyber???)  Torres is on the 7 day DL with, " rotator cuff tendonitis."  Soon, the 7 day DL will become the 15 day DL, and then the 30 day DL.

Dr. Andrews is already on a plane.  In which case, if surgery occurs, there is no DL.. Just gone will be the designation.

I think we can safely forget about 2017 for this young man.  He can catch up on his reading.

Maybe next year.

So here is my thought;  Stop puffing yourselves up and talking about a great season, an unbeatable future.

It pisses me off.  And you don't want that.


Leinstery said...

Does this mean another blood sacrifice has been made? So a ten game winning streak is in the works. It think if they are staggered correctly, we can keep making these to appease the juju gods all the way through October. We'll need to keep Frazier healthy until the ALCS, then cruise to that ticker tape parade.

el duque said...

I'm thinking it's definitely a blood sacrifice, and we go on another winning streak, the implications will be enormous. We had our Kaprelian streak, and now our Glyber streak? Next would be the Frazier streak. By October, we would be having the Refsnyder streak, (which might be just one game.)

John M said...

Blood sacrifices are not to be taken lightly. Just choosing the sacrificial being is an issue. Do we need a goat? A ram? A steer? Or are things not so bad yet, and we can get away with a mosquito? A mosquito that perhaps has fed on a goat, a ram or a steer might be sufficient.

I'll volunteer for the mosquito, but the others are out of my league.

KD said...

Me and my trusty old Browning A5 twelve gauge slaughter clay pigeons by the dozen. does there really need to be blood involved?

Leinstery said...

Duque, I think a Refsnyder sacrifice would amount to a 9 run explosion in one inning, but wouldn't have much juice to do much else. Hell we might not even win the game if Real Pineda returns.

Alphonso said...

KD....are you implying my demise by violence? It is agin the law to kill a swan ( don't ask me why....I guess the meat is like eating dog shit ). So your Browning A5 is no threat to me. If you shoot me, Trump will hunt you down. And I have family.

Imagine the ill fortune to follow the scattering and murder of a black swan? On your house. The Yankee house.

_ Black Swan