Friday, April 28, 2017

What gives? On morning after huge Yankee victory, the Jets win both back pages

I know it's early in the baseball season, and I recognize that football fans are zonked on the NFL draft. (Alphonso will be texting me all day, outlining the Giants' mistakes.) But I really don't get this:

Masahiro Tanaka pitches the game of his life, the Yankees take two in Fenway, including a win against Chris Sale... and they barely get back page blurbs. (Note: The Post gives us a tiny front page blurb, along with the NFL and Mets. The Daily News front offers no sports.) 

Old George would be on the ringer this morning, screaming at Billy Madden or whoever was unlucky enough to answer. 


Alphonso said...

Just for the record, the Giants drafted an " H" back. Hardly back or front pays news.

More like the headline, " US will soon run out of vaccine for yellow fever. Must rely upon untested sera from underdeveloped nations.

John M said...

I, for one, will avoid any environment where I might contract yellow fever.

Also, football has forgotten its place, as has basketball. (Hockey, also, but hardly anyone cares.) This is baseball season. Go peddle your brain-damaging sport during the media hype leading up to the Super Bowl.


Leinstery said...

This is sickening. Sadly I was a Jets fan for so long, but thankfully the good lord gave me the strength to quit that abomination of an organization. Nowadays whenever I see that logo or the word "Jets", whether it be the Winnipeg Jets, military Jets, etc, I feel the need to vomit. This was supposed to be a day of back pages with somewhat offensive wordplay triumphing our foreign "Hiro". Instead the world had to look at pages filled with that puke green franchise, one that traumatized George R.R. Martin to the point he wrote books filled with characters who existed for the sole purposed to be raped, tortured, and murdered. So don't look at it. Shut your eyes. Don't look at it, no matter what happens.

Anonymous said...