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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A picture Of Yankee Effort & Enthusiasm

From the moment Luis departed, the team went into the tank.

They could not get through  a 7-2 lead after seven innings, without going to El Chappo.  Jon Holder has been "lights out" until yesterday.  Did his tank suddenly go straight to " empty?"

And a line-up with Neal Walker and Tyler Austin, and several other strikeout kings, is threatening to no one.

Dead fish.

 I would rather watch them lapping up on the shoreline, than see Aaron Judge strike out looking on perfect meat balls.

I am beginning to think this game was fixed.  Or fished.

What a disgrace.

1 comment:

Joe F said...

And the Yankee "Face" of enthusiasm and effort is our very own Gary Sanchez. He deserves the Heart and Hustle award...........(sarcastic)