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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Enough, already

Quick quiz:

Which individuals do these batting slashes belong to?



No, one of the answers is NOT Gary Sanchez, though these days you wouldn't be far off.

The top line was what Chris Carter accomplished in 62 games for us last year. The bottom one is what Neil Walker has done in 38 games so far this year.

In other words, it would take a major improvement for Walker to match Carter's OPS—though in fairness, he has NOT blown several games with his glove alone, as I seem to remember Carter managing last year.

The time has come for Neil to go. In fact, it is far past that time. With the roster already swollen and about to get even more complicated as we move into doubleheader season...enough is enough.

Coops picked up Walker, we were assured, as insurance. Good on him. I was against it, but really, who could know if El Conquistador and El Matador were truly ready?

Well, they were. Hooray! We had insurance, but then we won the lottery!

What's more, we STILL have insurance! There's Tyler One, and there's Drury and Toe, wasting away in Dunder Mifflin Land, both of them younger, better, and more talented than old Neil ever was. We even have double-triple insurance, if you want to count Tyler Too, and several other minor leaguers who, let's face it, could probably do about as good a job as Walker has.

This is not to be bitter. Even with all the sadness of his stay in the Bronx there have been moments of euphoria, a couple games that Neil won with key hits, and we will always look back on them with gratitude.

Somebody give this doughty warrior his gold watch, peddle him for a couple lottery ticket arms, and let's get on with business.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

Let's hope Ca$hmoney is working a deal to get a minor league pitcher for him.

In other news, have you looked at the overall standings?

The Joggy-less Mariners(!) have the third best record in baseball!

TheWinWarblist said...

Rufus, I have! I know I should not be scoreboard watching in June, but the Mariners pineappled the Astros (Boo-boo!) last night. The Astros (Boo-boo!) have lost three in a row.

John M said...

Jesus, Mariano, and Joe Girardi, can we PLEASE get rid of Walker? We have this guy instead of Torreyes? Really?

WTF is wrong with this organization?

P.S. Hicks is doing what I thought he'd do. A hot streak at the plate will keep Cashman and his other misguided supporters happy enough to keep him in center, while Frazier languishes on the bench. How screwed up is that? Let's just say my jaw hit the floor when Boone yanked Clint the other day for a pinch-hitting Hicks. Hicks got a single, but that's not the point. I don't think I'd ever pinch hit for Frazier to start with, but doing it with Hicks was just incredible.

In September, when Hicks' hot streak is well over and he's batting .220 on the year, I'm going to remember that move.

Leinstery said...

Saying the name Chris Carter should be banned around here. His inability to play baseball pretty much started the great midseason collapse of the 2017 team. They spent that about 10 games under .500 for a month and a half costing them valuable ground to the Red Sox.

John M, I nearly threw up when Hicks hit that homer. A three run homerun when the team is already winning, that just bought him another 2 months easy. He'll hit a meaningless double two weeks from now which will guarantee him a spot on the postseason roster.

HoraceClarke66 said...

At least Hicks can play centerfield, where we kinda sorta don't have another guy (though again, John M., I would give Clint a solid shot there), and he is one of our rare guys who can steal a base here and there.

Walker can do absolutely nothing—hit, field, run, play a particular position—that at least one and usually two or three guys in New York or Scranton cannot do better.

Really. He was insurance. We won the lottery. There's no need to pay for more insurance, particularly when there's a huge deductible and lousy coverage.

Alphonso said...

Bring back the TOE.

I agree.


KD said...

For a potential convergence of IIH minions at The Stadium:

All together now: HEY HEY! HO HO! NEIL WALKER HAS GOT TO GO!!!

(or something like that...)