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Friday, June 8, 2018

Baseball, eh? Where have I heard that word before, Smithers?

Our national Paper of Record today ran a front-of-section article on, of course, the business of soccer ("Amazon Wins Right to Show Major Soccer Matches in U.K." Be still, my heart!), along with nearly three whole pages on LeBron James' career, major articles on the Warriors, the 76ers' departing coach, and the U.S. chances in 3-on-3 Olympic basketball; an entire page on the French Open, a big story on the Capitals winning the Stanley Cup, half-a-page on the Belmont, a short piece on a Milwaukee Bucks player who was arrested and subdued with a stun gun, AND—get this—an entire page, with four big photos, on the woman who paints in the names and scores at Roland Garros.

Not one word on the Subway Series.

This is getting perverse.

Our score thus far:  Yankees 105, Soccer 98.

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Alphonso said...

Wait a minute? Are you telling me that the NHL season has ended?

Practices begin in a week, I think.

Just can't get enough of the NHL.

My team is the South Mexican Mud-Cats.

The abandoned cornfields up in the mountains are flooded and frozen. All Canadians are invited to bring skates and sticks.

The season picks up from the Stanley Cup finals.

Like a winter holiday in the summer.

Go " Mudders."