Monday, February 8, 2021

Aaron Judge attends Super Bowl, ends up meme



Isa Senack said...

Yeah, but could he hit a breaking ball?

TheWinWarblist said...

Let's no talk about hitting breaking balls. It's a sore point around here.

Die Hal, die.

Mustang said...

Before we wish for Hal's death, let's consider this passage from The Steinbrenner Family Wikipedia entry:

George and Joan Steinbrenner's children have had 14 grandchildren.[6]

Robert Molloy, the son of Jessica and Joe Molloy, is a film producer. He runs the production company Pinstripe Productions. Robert has made three films including The Little Mermaid which was previously on Netflix and has made the transition to Showtime. Robert is also the Director of Communications for Kinsman Farm.[13] George Michael Steinbrenner IV, the son of Hank, formed an IndyCar driving team in conjunction with Andretti Autosport in 2017 called Andretti-Steinbrenner Racing. The team competed in the 2017 Indy Lights.[14] In 2018, he formed Harding Steinbrenner Racing with partner Mike Harding, competing in the 2019 IndyCar Series.[15] In April 2020, Robert accepted an invitation to be Vice-president of English football club, Matlock Town, who were in dire financial struggles.

Stephen Swindal Jr. works in baseball operations for the Yankees.[16][17] Haley Swindal is a singer and actress. She has performed in Broadway shows.[18]

According to Jennifer, the family wants to own the team for "eternity".[16] Hal said the family had begun discussing future plans for the family's involvement in the franchise, and that several of George's grandchildren, including Stephen Swindal Jr., George Michael Steinbrenner IV, Robert Molloy, Julia Steinbrenner Vinas (George IV's sister), and Katherine Steinbrenner (Hal's daughter), have expressed interest in running the Yankees.[19]

TheWinWarblist said...

Mustang, Hal doesn't have to be the only Steinbrenner what dies. He just needs to be at the front of the line.