Saturday, February 20, 2021

So Then What?

 So I notice that the Yankee gurus on this blog are beginning to make predictions about players and such.

For example, who will be our six outfielders?  Mostly, the answer, while correct, is boring.   

I mean : Gardner as a .220 hitting 37 year old is, for sure, our 5th outfielder, and Tauchman or Allen will be our 6th?  What difference can any of that possibly make?  I don't even like our second or our fourth on the list. 

Who wouldn't be happier to see one of those guys named Florial or any name other than Hicks? 

Everyone is talking about the "family feud" guy, Domingo German.  He is not going to be anything to shout about, unless the cops arrive again.  He will, mysteriously, suck from day one.  

As will Sanchez.  He'll likely get an opposite field single early in the season, and everyone will say, " he's back.  Now we'll see the "real" Gary...No we won't. Well see more of the 38 year old than we see of Gary.

But none of it matters.

We have Giancarlo Stanton for seven more years. 

 Did I mention that he chose to honor his entire contract with the Yankees?  Did anyone note that his signing was the biggest thing Cashman accomplished in the off season?  Convincing Giancarlo to remain a Yankee.  Who wouldn't want to be a "fly on the wall" in that conversation?

If we are lucky, and all are vaccinated by the end of summer, we can meet and watch the yankees vie for the wild-card, play-in game. 

This will be another over-hyped, under-achieving, boring season for Yankee fans. Old, slow guys striking out a lot, and lousy pitching. 

Yours truly,

The original " Dragonfly Man."



Anonymous said...

Florial! Yes. another negative consequence of the Gardner deal. If he has a great spring he still gets sent down.

As to the conversation...

Brain: Gionc..
Stanton: I'm staying.
B: But if you opt out y..
S; I'm staying
B: You might wa
S:I'm staying. Let's shake
B: OK (Shakes his hand)
S: Ouch!

Doug K.

Unknown said...

Another one of your negative boring posts.

Dantes said...

Florial has a 32% strikeout rate in SINGLE A, his highest level of minor league play. He’s not an option

Anonymous said...


I did not realize that. Sucks both for him and for us.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Yeah. But he has a high ceiling!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Alphonso, Dauntless Leader—all too true. This team is going to seriously crater this year, The Dynasty That Never Was crashing back to earth.

Joe Formerlyof Brooklyn said...

I woke up happy this morning. Don't ask me why.

Then -- I came here.

Thanks a boatload.

ranger_lp said... that a high ceiling in a basement?

Alphonso said...

We'll see if " early" negative ju-ju has impact....