Monday, February 22, 2021

Reggie retires from retirement, and other Camp Tamp clicks

We're still in the 2021 predawn - not one Aaron has been injured yet - and the Yankiverse brims with hope and hubris. Let us chronicle the looming journey with clicks, sweet clicks...

Reggie Jackson, 74, is no longer advising the Yankees. Yeesh, March won't be the same without The Candy Bar marveling about Jose Tabata or Slade Heathcott - or giving pep talks to one Gary Sanchez. From here, this doesn't look like a breakup thing. Reggie's just getting up there. Let's hope he's in good health. 

Stan Williams, 84, has died. Once upon a time, the Yankees traded Moose Skowron for him - one of the mistakes that led to the Hoss Clarke Era, aka the Eleven Year Barf. Condolences to the family, and let's remember: Never blame the player for a bad trade. 

Domingo German's domestic abuse case continues to linger, as drips and droplets still become public. Long ago, we thought it advantageous that no police were involved. But worse - for German, anyway - it involved teammates, who came to his girlfriend's aid. The Yanks have not forgotten, and it might just be that German needs a new team.

Corey Kluber threw 21 pitches in batting practice. No water pipes burst. His arm remains attached. Congrats to all.

Yankee outfield is logjammed. The soap opera begins: With Gardy returning, will Clint get his shot? Can Tauchman be forgiven? Who is this mystery man, Greg Allen? You'd think folks expect Hicks, Stanton and Judge to stay healthy. (Really... is yoga that powerful?)

Syracuse may have fallen hopelessly behind in the annual Golden Snowball race, measuring snowfall across upstate NY. Binghamton - a perennial cellar-dweller - is having a career winter. Over the weekend, despite snowy forecasts, Syracuse tumbled below arch-rival Rochester. Time to fire the mayor?


Anonymous said...

Thoughts on your thoughts...


According to the internet, Reggie became an advisor in 1993. That's a lot of advice. It was particularly good advice between 1996-2001 and then wasn't that good. In the last 11 years it's been pretty bad advice, especially the advice on how to get back to the series.


Yeah, read that about German. We will never know what happened but it sounded horrific. Probably needs a new team. I guess he served his time but did he? Sounds like he should have gone to jail. The article showed how a team is a family. Trade him.


I for one welcome our new robot overlords.


Oh right, it snows where you are... ha ha ha ha ha cough cough cough. I'll be OK in a second...

You know, when I first moved to CA people back east would mock me because of the earthquakes and I always brought up that more people die in car crashes from skidding on the ice, and besides, "You don't shovel heat."

Now all I can think of is, "At least snow doesn't catch fire." (Cough cough cough.)

Doug K.

Kevin said...

Jason Schmidt injures right elbow, "not believed to be serious". The kiss of death on this team.

HoraceClarke66 said...

So...sounds like German got what he deserved, though the incident is still mysterious. But good, I'm glad to hear that at least. And yes, the Yanks should trade him.