Friday, February 19, 2021

Gardy Deal Tardy But Done


Brett Gardner is returning.

One year.  $4 million.  SNY notes that setting up the contract as a one-year deal with an option actually lowers the luxury tax number for the Yankees.  Somehow.

Regardless, this makes sense to me.  Team leader, c
areer Yankee, lefty bat, low-cost insurance policy in case of injuries...what's not to like?


Carl J. Weitz said...

I love Gardner but it's more an indictment of the Yankees not having any major league ready minor league outfield prospects let alone a lefty one. And I hope they don't jettison Tauchman for Jay Bruce. I'd rather Tauchman play left than Gardy.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that "Participation Award" Gardy hit a LUSTY .223 last year! From the left side! For someone clearly on the downside of a mediocre career, who literally no other team wants, and whose raison d'etre is basically just kind of hanging around truly talented players and pretending he deserves to be there, this is amazing!

Speaking of hanging around, Lil Gardy can now anchor the Yankee lineup - you know, make certain it really can't go anywhere, and this is so important because no progress is the necessary precondition of progress: YAY!

And for ONLY 4 million dollars!

HoraceClarke66 said...

Right! THAT'S what the Yankees needed—another .223 hitter!

Sure, sign him. They'll need somebody when the Aches & Pains Trio go down again, as they will. His last game will be needed to spur attendance in September.

ranger_lp said...

So actually with the 2.5 mil buyout Gardy got it's more like 6.5 mil.

If you throw more than 95 mph, Gardy wont catch up to it. Two K's minimum if you pitch against the Yanks.