Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Seemingly minor pickups this week could be huge by summer... but what about Gardy?

In the last 72 hours, the Death Barge has signed three cagey vets to non-disclosure agreements minor league deals, and - frankly, all life decisions should be this easy. 

I speak for the Yankiverse in saying, "Keep the old guys coming, Mr. Hal!"

Sunday brought Jay Bruce. Yesterday ushered in the return of Justin Wilson - a 34 year-old LH innings-eater, who slots into the bullpen between Mean Chad Green and before Luis Cessa (both of whom we obtained in a trade for Wilson long ago.) 

Here are Wilson's beautistics: 

Today's acquisition is Robinson Chirinos, a RH catcher who'll soon turn 37. Chirinos played against us for Houston in the 2019 post-season: he went 0-13, thank you, amid the coded clanging of Astro trash cans. He could battle Kyle Higoshioka for backup playing time - that is, if Gary Sanchez comes to realize why he was benched last October. (Hint: One-four-seven.) Here are Chirinos' numbers:

Again, I see no downside to patrolling the waiver wires and nursing homes for retreaded bodies - especially considering last year's non-season. 

There is, however, the unresolved matter of Brett Gardner... 

These pre-camp signings seem to boost the possibility that the Yankees do NOT intend to keep Gardy. (Note: I'll believe this when it happens.) 

I realize that IT IS HIGH readers seem divided on Gardner: His return could jam up Clint Frazier, who needs a full season in the way that Galveston currently needs snow plows. Still... the sight of Gardy in another uniform? 

No. Just... no. 

Either way, Gardy's fate must be resolved soon. No more waiting. Today. And then let's sign more codgers.


Anonymous said...

A quick thought on The Gardy Situation (Which has now reached a point where capitalization is necessary.)

As you all know, I am a no when it comes to True Yankee(TM) Brett Gardner. So here's a quick what if for you...

What if Estevan Florial's High Ceiling (Another Yankee situation requiring capitalization.) has reached the point where he is ready to be the back up center fielder.

Because it's kind of time right? Let's say he still can't hit, he can at least provide solid defense in CF and some speed off the bench. And, if Estevan Florial's High Ceiling is actually a real thing then we are in great shape both on the field and with the dreaded and utter bull shit Luxury Tax.

Maybe the Yankee master plan, (Where are the caps you ask? It's the Yankee master plan it probably isn't good or important enough to warrant them.) is to finally work Florial in, because if they don't his actual high celling is going to be in a bus station.

Just saying.

Doug K.

JM said...

After Sanchez and even the oft-injured Judge, I'm getting really tired of Great Potential.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I don't think Mr. High Ceiling will be a savior. But I agree with Doug: Gardy's had his day. Time to move on and at least see if Florial has anything.

Alphonso said...

If the Yankees sign the old man ( Gardy), I am going to recalculate my " win prediction" for the Yankees.

I am thinking it is possible they win no games this season.

I agree with the logic of the anonymous sayer....