Thursday, February 4, 2021

It's time for the Yankees to stop diddling around... and give Gardy a contract

As we all know, Brett Gardner - the de facto Yankee captain and Destroyer of Dugout Roofs -remains unsigned, unhorsed and unshoed... and at age thirtycoughsomething, he has reached that career twilight known to those who actually remember Saved By the Bell. (RIP: Screech. ) He might have a year left. Then it's the Elmer's factory.

In today's Murdoch, Ken Davidoff outlines the reasons for keeping Gardy and for letting him go. He does a thorough job, with several "on the other hand(s)..." and if you're unsure about Gardner's future, this will double your uncertainty. 

But but but... unto this roaring Gardner Conundrum, I hereby offer two humble questions: 

Who are we kidding, and WTF?

Of course, the Yankees will re-sign Gardy. Of course! Outfield overcrowding, you say? Gimme a break. As we speak, some Yank OF/DH just tweaked a billiard while trying to impress a Peloton bunny. Too old, you say? At 37, he'll still cover more LF than Andujar, and catch as many flies as the world's most unlikely Gold Glove nominee, Mr. Red Thunder. Listen: Gardner will return. Why suggest otherwise? 

Don't get me wrong. No complaints. I want Gardy back. There is no reason why the Yankees should show the door to a player who has given so much over so many years. Yeah, he hit .223 last season, but it was over a meager 130 at-bats, and at the end, he was heating up. From the left side, he led the Yankees in HRs, (with five.) Of course, there will be a slot for him. We just don't happen to have one now. 

Davidoff suggests the Yankees give him a two- or three-year deal to stretch out his annual impact on the luxury tax. Fine. We need to keep Gardner in the fold. Someday, he will manage. Let's not let it be Toronto. (BTW, Don Mattingly's long and winding managerial path remains a Yankee disgrace; how is it that he has never led his rightful team, that Derek Jeter saw his abilities, but we didn't?)  

My guess is that nothing be announced in this magical period known as Super Bowl Week. Also, it's still unclear whether spring training will start on time. I have no insider knowledge, but my fat gut says the only reason Gardner remains unsigned is that both sides know it's a done deal, and neither is sweating the delays. 

So be it. But as soon as Brady and Mahomes are done, the Yankees should get this done. 


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want Gardy back? He brings nothing to the table anymore. I want Frazier to play everyday!

13bit said...

Duque, while you seemingly make eminent sense, I'd like to know who slipped the roofies into that Gammonite Kool Aid in your cupholder?

If I never see Gardy play again, it'll be too soon. Granted, I'm kind of a dick when it comes to such matters and I also think he will, without fail, be in pinstripes within two weeks, but I am done with him.

That and $2.75 will get me on subway, I know.

JimmyEatsHotDogs said...

It's time to move on from Gardner.... he's been a fantastic Yankee but unless he signs for 1.5 I prefer Frazier in LF. Tauchman is same player statistically. Gardner gets all the love and rightfully so but without a contract this year.

ranger_lp said...

If you can come up with a bunch of metrics to support resigning, send it to Ca$hman. Alas, I don't think there are any...

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing on Gardy

Let's start with this...

I like Brett Gardner. I like a guy who was a walk on in college and had a long career. I like a guy whose father stepped up for him and made the team take another look. I like that he's the last guy left from 2009.

I like his lengthy At Bats and while I hated the dugout ceiling banging, apparently the team didn't and so it's cool with me.

He has a reasonable AYG-HAB as well. 5.2 (Just slightly into the "Sure what the hell" Category)

Lost a step in the field but yes, better that AnDujar and Frazier.

And, on top of it all he's my Mom's favorite Yankee and at 93 Years old she deserves what ever joy she can get.

So why don't I want them to sign him...

I don't trust Boone.

If Gardner is going to be used as a fourth/fifth outfielder playing LF and CF that would be fine with me. I'm sure the Yankees could find someone on par or less expensive that would be better but, sure... Brett Gardner is a True Yankee(TM) and that has meaning.

However, I don't trust Boone.

He's going to use him WAY more than his designated role and that takes AB's and opportunities away from Frazier. We saw it in the playoffs. I know Gardner had a hotter September than Frazier but... I want this kid playing and whether it's mistaken belief or force of habit it's just too easy for Boone to write him into the line-up.

This year he will be older, slower, and there HAS to be a guy who costs the same, brings better skills, and will BE the role. 4th, 5th outfielder PERIOD.

So, with all due respect... No. (That said, they will sign him because... just because.)

Doug K.

Alphonso said...

Two to three years? Man, you are easy to give away money. I would not sign Gardy

The team needs a message that "the days of the .230 hitting outfielder are over," and that the Yanks are going to get serious about the wild card.

Why not an even 5 years?

Anonymous said...

Alphonso is right, and duque has really lost it on this one. Any other teams out there competing for Gardener's rapidly atrophying skills? Duque--if you continue in this vein, you are hereby forbidden ever to post another screed about how the Yankees don't develop enough young players and give them enough playing time. At some point you ought to consider the virtue of at least A MODICUM of consistency in your daily impulsive ramblings.

el duque said...

I'm telling you...

a) They're gonna sign him. That's a fact. He's gonna be back. We all know this.

b) It could be worse. He is, after all, a beloved Yankee. He's not Omar Moreno. He still can hit. And Tauchman's decline last year was extremely disconcerting.

c) If they sign him for, say, three years and $6 million, he costs only $2 million per year toward the luxury tax. It's what they did with DJ. If he retires after this year, they buy him out, maybe have him manage in Scranton. They keep him in the fold.

TheWinWarblist said...

On a completely unrelated note, my local Walgreens is now giving appointments for the COVID vaccine.

Call right away and get vaccinated. I am fully vacccinated and fully immune now.


HoraceClarke66 said...

What about Estevan Florial? I hear he has a high ceiling.

13bit said...

I sing the song of Miguel Cairo...

JM said...

It may be a given that he gets signed, but what a waste of Frazier space.

Doug, I though AYG-HAB was the abbreviation for an airport somewhere in Scotland or Wales. Since you used it here, though, I suppose it has something to do with baseball.

You learn something new every day.

13bit said...

It's an acronym for one of Doug's new, better-than-anything-else metrics.

Anonymous said...


Doug K.