Monday, February 8, 2021

And now, added to all other Yankee concerns... it's the upcoming super-spreader celebration in Tampa

As of now, the Yankees plan to open Tampa spring camp on Feb. 17, ten days from now... almost simultaneously with the looming siege.

I'm referring to the inevitable explosion of Covid, stemming from the massive, joyful, unmasked Super Bowl street parties that began last night with less than five commercials left in the game. ("... on the Yankee Radio Network, driven by Jeep - now with The Boss!)

Listen: No judgments here. Let's not begrudge the good citizens of Tampa a full week of drinking themselves batty, even if street parties fall barely a notch below doorknob-licking. Their team won the frickin' Super Bowl. They might not see another in their lives. (The Detroit Lions are 60 years and counting.) But as cerebral Yank fans - who instinctively scorn the shoeless, inbred, unshirted dullards of Florida - we should face reality: 

Next week's parades and panty-raids will raise threat levels through the roof in Yankee camp. Can we hire crop dusters to do the city with Purell? 

At the least, that would compete with the cloud that hangs over all MLB camps. Last week, MLB's Jolly Owners proposed delaying the season by one month, scuttling the mid-February camp openings. MLB offered a 154-game season (at full pay), the universal DH and 14-team expanded playoffs. The union shot it down.

An article in the Hartford Courant offers this cogent summary from Mr. (or Ms) Unnamed Source:

"By starting spring training now with the pandemic still raging in Florida and Arizona, we’re jeopardizing not only the players, but umpires, managers, coaches, trainers, front office people and support people. But at the same time, (Commissioner Rob) Manfred comes up with this proposal as players are already starting to report and making housing plans. It’s a proposal with nothing in it for the players when the commissioner has the unilateral right to stop the season at any time. As for the universal DH vs. the expanded playoffs, the universal DH is probably worth about $20 million for the players as opposed to the expanded playoffs being worth $100 million for the owners.”

Adding to the conundrum: Rancid relations between management and labor, which had its pockets picked in the last contract. (Luxury taxes = salary cap in disguise.)  Current talks suggest a strike or lockout next winter. 

As of Friday, about 150 MLB free agents still remain unsigned. That's nutty. Soon, the music will stop, and everyone will scramble for the last empty chairs - not realizing that this is, after all, the deck of the Titanic. Mr. Smartypants - Trevor Bauer - better not start spending that $45 million he's supposed to get next year. He might be better off with Bitcoin. 

So... what do we know? Not much. But as Yankees return to camp - each in "the greatest condition of his life" - they ought to stay inside next week, or hope for gusty winds. Tampa is going to be a big, wild petrie dish. Hooray, Bucs!


JM said...

Our St. Mark's Place block is eerily quiet, the way it was during the teeth of the pandemic last Spring. But Tampa parties in the streets, maskless.

I am reminded of the little musical button that ended Yahoo commercials some years back.

Anonymous said...

If Florida had your Genius Governor the streets would have been empty due to a Military presence and scores of fans going home would have been shot for not wearing face masks. Check the SCIENCE, those dying of COVID are too old and sick to play baseball or even attend games. There is no hiding from COVID, you have a 99% chance of beating it (About the same odds the Yankees have of not winning the WS). The SB and golf Sunday proved one thing, we need to get back to normal and end this bullshit political crap between two parties that don't give a damn about WE THE PEOPLE.

Anonymous said...

Ah, St Marks place...

First time I ever went there I was twelve. My hippie cousin was getting married in what was probably "St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery". I had led a fairly sheltered life and some of the things I saw blew my mind.

Here are the ones that stayed with me.

A giant headless Christ by the alter.

The flowered braids in the bride's hair.

The anti war protest just outside the building.

The Black Panther Party posters in the "reception area" Bobby Jones Killed by the Oakland Pigs on (Date)

That anyone from the street was allowed into the reception and was given food.

and my favorite...

A woman was breast feeding pretty much the whole time during the ceremony.

Hey, I was twelve! I had my priorities on straight.

Doug K.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I first got to St. Mark's Place when I went to college. It seemed like the coolest place, ever. I went to Trash and Vaudeville, and bought somebody's father's narrow ties, for that punk look. Never did pull it off—no desire to die my hair green—but those were good ties!

Used to go down to the Holiday Cocktail Lounge with a dancer from Brooklyn I was dating. 75-cent shots, and the bar full of punks playing pool, and old Ukrainian men sitting at the bar, who I would talk to about great boxers of the fifties.

Great streets, great time! Most of the color gone now. Recently, a well-meaning young woman who grew up on St. Mark's wrote a book saying it wasn't dead just because it's mostly bank branches and chain stores now, that right some college student could be writing a great novel about it!

Can't wait to see that novel about bank machines and drugstores. On second thought, I can wait.

TheWinWarblist said...

How did that imbecilic anon make his way through??


Fuck Tom Brady. Fuck him to death with Hal's mummified corpse.

Hal? That means you must die right away. Mummification takes time, and we need to get started right away!

TheWinWarblist said...

St. Mark's Place wasn't my neighborhood, but it's a hell of a neighborhood.