Thursday, September 29, 2022

Could The Yankees Become the Worst 100 Win Team In History... And Other Ponderings

Could The Yankees Become the Worst 100 Win Team In History? 

They have 96 wins with seven games left. The last four against a Ranger team that looks like it checked out in Spring Training.  It’s nothing short of stunning that a team that we all consider to be deeply flawed, and I mean DEEPLY flawed is in this position. 

Yes, they were amazing in the first half, but I don’t even think of them as being that good much less a hundred-win team. We all believe their trip to the post season will be short lived. One Hundred Wins. It boggles the mind.


We Still Need to Win Games

I know that the Yankees will be using this time to heal and set their rotation and bullpen etc. but we are two games behind the Mets and the Braves. Should, by some miracle, the Yankees make it to the World Series, and should the Dodgers get knocked off… the Yankees are playing for home field advantage.

We are set to play the winner of Seattle/Cleveland. That means the Blue Jays or Tampa goes against Houston. Maybe we can’t beat the Astros, but they can. And we can beat them.  However…

Don’t Sleep On Cleveland

The Guardians look good. Sleeper good. Plus, Avila has a strong shot at spoiling Judge’s Triple Crown bid.  

Our Best Lineup

If DJ and Carpenter come back this is our best team. This will NEVER happen because the Yankees lack the balls to sit those who should be sat.

Rizzo 1B

Gleyber 2B

Peraza SS

DJ 3B (if not DJ IKF!)

Carpenter (DH)

Cabrera (LF)

Bader (CF)

Judge (RF)

Trevino (C)

This group is strong defensively, gets hits, is fast, has power and, most importantly, has no black holes much less four in a row. That said, the Yankees would have to bench Donaldson (25M), Stanton (30M) and Hicks (10M).

Peraza is currently overlooked but this kid is the real thing. I’m not sure if he is eligible for the post season but if he is, he should play. Maybe if they put Stanton on the IL, he can take the roster spot. I don’t know the rules.



ZacharyA said...

I suspect one reason the Yankees have a shot at 100 wins despite a deeply flawed roster is simply because the rest of the American League, sans Houston (and maybe Cleveland), is bad.

The Blue Jays were anointed the offseason champions but the team just doesn't impress me. Two good starters, four good hitters.... and that's it. They're too easily neutralized with their all-righty lineup (sound familiar?).

The Rays couldn't get healthy. They put a total of 30 players on the IL this year, and those players missed a total of 2,229 games.

The Orioles were bad in the first half when we played 13/19 of our games against them.

The Red Sox went from the ALCS to last place. No pitching at all. Bad team.

The Twins had one winning month that tricked people into thinking they were good. They weren't.

The White Sox crashed and burned. Blame regression, blame Tony La Russa, blame Jerry Reinsdorf, blame whoever.

The Royals were content with being terrible this year. Their pitching develop is in shambles.

The Tigers are a disaster in every way.

Maybe the Guardians are good but they're 43-27 (.614) against the other AL Central teams — the worst division in baseball. And they're 44-41 (.518) against everyone else. I'm not so sure they're actually a good team.

The Angels have Babe Ruth and Mike Trout, yet are 17 games under .500. Riddle me that one.

The Rangers spent over $500M this offseason just to finish with 90+ losses.

The A's are in full rebuild.

The Mariners are a nice story and all, but they're gonna end with 87 wins and only make the postseason because of Manfred expanded playoffs.

I can't ever remember the American League being worse overall than it is in 2022.

borntorun999 said...

Any player who is on the 40-man roster or 60-day injured list as of 11:59 p.m. ET on Aug. 31 is eligible for the postseason.

Yes, Peraza is eligible if the team makes room for him.

Also: “ Teams carry extra players throughout the postseason in the event of injuries, and those players, as well as players on the injured list, can be in the dugout during games, within reason.” Within reason is believed to mean no hot foots in the dugout, even if they are only trying to wake up Stanton.

Pkgreenville said...

I like your proposed playoff batting order, Doug. It’s the way to go - BUT,as you point out, the big contract guys will get prime time Over the capable, exciting young guys. Hope Yanks can find a way to ditch Stanton, Donaldson and Hicks during off-season - but it will cost them plenty to do so. Also agree with you on Cleveland being the surprise team that could shock this playoff field.

HoraceClarke66 said...

Pretty funny, 999! And I agree with your AL assessment, Zach. Many of these teams just stink. I suspect it's the Three True Outs style of play they are encouraged to engage in, which simultaneously drops everyone to the same general level while helping to cause untold number of injuries.

Another example of how theory can run amok.

Doug K. said...


He's a better defender than IKF by a lot - better hitter too. I know he hasn't had a lot of ABs but supposedly he has power as well.

I think the Yankees are trying to move Volpe to 3B so Peraza can stay at short.

HoraceClarke66 said...

I would go with that team, too, Doug. But they don't have the balls to do it.

I am hoping they keep playing Stanton for now, just so the "play him til he breaks" solution kicks in. Love to see him go back on the DL before the weekend is out.

Doug K. said...


Thanks. That's who I think should play. My batting order would be slightly different. There's no way I'd bat Judge 8th :)

Doug K. said...

Hoss - Yes play him til he breaks.

edb said...

So true, Doug. Why is Barren Hicks still in the lineup? Because Cheapskate Hal is still paying him.

ZacharyA said...

Hicks has actually been fine on the road.

It's at Yankee Stadium where he's been a nightmare, just like Donaldson.

Hicks at Home .166/.292/.233 (.525 OPS)
Hicks on Road .271/.368/.396 (.764 OPS)

I don't know if this is psychological or has something to do with the park dimensions or what the heck is going on.

JM said...

It's the Mets Death Ray pointed at the left side of our field.

borntorun999 said...

Doug - Volpe’s basic profile does fit 3B more than SS

So, by 2024?
Peraza SS
Volpe. 3B
Cabrera 2B or super utility

We can dream right?

Mildred Lopez said...

Cabrera, Boots Bader, and dare we dream Judge is a fast, good offense good defense outfield. I like Cabrera and I'm not apologizing for it. Maybe Torres stays?

Unknown said...


You have got it right. And you especially have it right when you suggest that Boone wii hold to his traditional line-up. There is no way Stanton sits. No way Hicks doesn’t play. IKF. Is his Ss, etc