Friday, September 9, 2022

Yet Again, Yanks Get Beat By Opponents' Only Real Hitter


Sorry, but I just can't get over this one. 

Sure, last night your New York Yankees got worked over good by both the arbiters and Brian Cashman's Amazing Legacy of Trades, the gifts that never stop giving.

Pick up Sonny Gray over Justin Verlander? Then deal Gray for (almost) literally nothing?

But you and I, we've been through that, as the poet wrote, and even with those formidable hurdles to leap, the Yanks should've pulled out last night's game.

It all started to go bad when whatever intern down in the MLB video review booth spilled the tahini sauce for his falafel all over his lap, and inexplicably called a Twin safe at first. Or whatever happened.

Unlike Gerrit "the Wilting Violet" Cole, the Yankee hurler in the box at the moment, Wandy Peralta of all people, only got his dander up and fanned the next Minnesotan with gusto.

Which led Aaron Boone to pull him. And bring in Greg Weissert to pitch to Carlos Correa, The Man Who Gave Us Muscles Rortvedt.

This alone had looming disaster written all over it, even if Michael Kay did assure us that Weissert was "the man with the magic slider."

What Weissert really was and is, of course, is the man with the 7.36 ERA, a bundle of rookie nerves who looks like someone from a Sunday beer league who bopped the real Weissert on the head on his way in from Scranton, and took his place.  

(Hmm, maybe the next Jim Carey movie??)

In any case, the Man with the Magic Slider came in, throwing each pitch with his deliberate, double-tap front step, until Correa, the only real bat in the Twins' lineup, got into the rhythm like a man in an Arthur Murray dance class, and lined that magic stuff over the left field wall.

You could see it coming. ANYBODY with any experience watching the game could see it coming.

Except, of course, for our manager, Aaron Boone, who often acts like he just wandered into a baseball stadium for the first time, after a lifetime spent in association football.

Once again, the Yankees got beat by the best hitter—really, the only hitter—in the other team's lineup. Shohei Ohtani in LA, Carlos Correa back in New York. And on and on.

Ma Boone seems like a nice guy, and it will be very unfair for him to take the only fall for this Yankees team's disastrous collapse. Cashman's head should roll, too, and HAL should be made to swallow however much cryptocurrency it takes to unload Giancarlo, etc.

But boy, even above and beyond everything put in his path by his owner and GM, Aaron Boone is the worst Yankees manager I've ever seen. Maybe the worst ever.

I can't say that for sure. There was Johnny Keane, and someone named "Fighting Harry" Wolverton whose Yankees fought enough to finish dead last. The Yanks even made Hal Chase, a man notorious for betting against his own team, manager for a year.

So maybe he's not the worst ever.

But he ain't good.


Pocono Steve said...

All true, and yet sometimes we win because of our only real hitter.

AboveAverage said...

You might have spelled Butt Boy incorrectly.

That said - maybe Jeter can sprinkle some of his Magic Captain dust around the team prior to tonight's festivities.

And perhaps in addition, during his speech - ruffle a few feathers by wishing Judge (Jeter and Judge - JUST three letters separate them) better luck with his off-season negotiations with Cashman and his team.

One can dream . . .

Alphonso said...

And, in fairness, Johnny Keene was on your list only because he was an alcoholic, and had trouble putting thoughts together on most days.

No-one can blame an alcoholic.

And Boone isn't really much better is he?

Pinch hitting sSanton for my mom is a mistake. five days out of seven, Particularly when it is a " I love you Brian kiss" to management. You spend $350 million on this clown and we are going to use him by dang.

Even if everyone knows he will strike out. And, in the process, send a message to the rookie that, " you are here only because of injuries."

I maintain that Florial can strike out just as well as Stanton. Anyday. Anywhere.

Thanks how the Yankees build their teams.

Celerino Sanchez said...

I think this goes hand in hand with the poor pitching in baseball. Why does anyone give Judge a pitch to hit, but these idiots do, so the Bronx Bummers are only following the trend.

Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside said...

The Yankees collapse really helped me personally. I now know I can make vacation plans, go out on the boat, fly to exotic locales… all in complete confidence I’ll be missing nothing of import. Losing is liberating. They’ve set me free…

MJ said...

Why does everyone feel the need to say how nice they assume Boone is? Is that supposed to excuse his complete inadequacy in any other facets of managing than doing and saying exactly what someone else instructs him to? He's only there to take the hit for other cowards who don't begin to understand the game AND to try to convince us they were his ideas. A kindhearted, caring, decent man (or woman) wouldn't do that for long, no matter the money. But a seemingly-nice guy like Boone can do it year after year. "Nice" is way overrated, especially when used as a defense for accepting bullshit-spewing incompetents with long track records. I'll leave it you to decide if Boone fits that description; I think he wears it very well.

ranger_lp said...

I have a minority view on Boone. He has two jobs...neither of them are manager.

1. Camp Counselor. Boone is there as a glorified baby sitter. He tells players when they play and when they don't. Player decisions are made by Ca$hman after conferring with the analytics team. Aaron might say one thing, but the FO is making 90% of the decisions before, during and after the game.

2. Press Secretary. Boone is the gatekeeper of media info. He answers questions from the media. He is coached by the FO and is armed with FO speak. He rarely gets stumped on a question because he prepares for every media event with help from the FO.

Boone has done everything asked of him. No wonder they are happy with Boone. I can't get upset with him because he's not making decisions as if we think he's making decisions.

Want to get upset with Ca$hman? He looked like a genius in May/June and like an idiot in July/August. Team injuries has caused this. Am I happy with Brian? No. But ownership is going by being competitive. The Yanks are still competitive until they are out of the running for a playoff spot. And when they make the playoffs, they will be eliminated by Baltimore...

So ownership is settling for making the playoffs and us fans are shouting from the top of our lungs that they aren't doing enough. Here's where we are at right now...and we're about to have group laryngitis...

AboveAverage said...


Jose Trevino was placed on the paternity list Friday.

Trevino wasn't in the lineup for Thursday's game against the Twins, and he'll be away from the Yankees for 1-3 days after landing on the paternity list. Kyle Higashioka and Ben Rortvedt will be available behind the plate while Trevino is unavailable.

AboveAverage said...

….and here’s hoping that Donaldson decides to retire to become a stay-at-home Dad

The Hammer of God said...

Carlos Correa is a bona fide, certified, card carrying Yankee killer. Did they not tell Weissert that before they brought him in? Hell, if it was up to me, Correa would never see a pitch to hit from the Yankees. He basically makes a living off of us. Two homers this series in four games. Don't take a genius to see that if he played the Yanks 160 games, he'd hit 80 homers.

Not only Correa, but Gary Sanchez finally got his revenge against us. Probably another Yankee killer has been newly born.

EBD said...

I warned you yesterday that Hicks would be rewarded for two hits in two games by starting every game against Tampa Bay even though he has been close to the worst everyday player in baseball for the past six weeks. BUT . . . wait for it . . . not only is he in the lineup, he is BATTING THIRD--yes, no need to rub your eyes, that's BATTING THIRD: a guy with the following slash line for August:

.137 .224 .137 .361 (that's .137 SLUGGING and .351 OPS!)

And the following slash line for September:

.136 .174 .227 .401

Prorated to a full season, these would probably be the worst offensive numbers in the "modern" (post-1900) era. BUT HE IS BATTING THIRD.

What is this about? It's not about winning or analytics or scouting or SETI messages from a distant galaxy: it's about the oversize ego of the undersize Cashman, who simply can't admit he was wrong to sign this stiff to a bloated long-term contract and will cost the Yankees their waning remaining hopes for a postseason berth in his deranged campaign of self-vindication.

Result? THUH-UH-UH-UH Yankees lose, and Cashman goes on forever, like a recurring nightmare.

The Hammer of God said...

Yankees do a lot of weird stuff. Judge leading off, terrible hitters hitting 2, 3, or 4. Some dumbbell obviously calls the shots with the lineup decisions. This is the worst run franchise in the major leagues.

Joe of AZ said...

He's NEVER looked like a genius.... Not even May/June..

Joe of AZ said...

Did anyone catch Levine's dry shade of Cashman... saying Cashman NEVER approached brass about needing money for any of the big name free agents 😂

Rufus T. Firefly said...

At least bat one of the kids leadoff and Judge 3rd or 4th.

Oh, never mind.

Fuck them.


Rufus T. Firefly said...

MLB streaming says "the event will begin shortly"

Thanks for the accurate info.