Sunday, October 7, 2012

Forget the first six innings. When we play Baltimore tonight, it's all about the bullpens.

The first six innings tonight will be like the first weeks of a presidential campaign: Unless you’re caught red-handed, and blow the whole thing, it won’t matter. Come the seventh, everything will get crazy anyway.
There are no more undecideds. We know them. They know us. This will be the 19th time New York and Baltimore have played.  We are tied, 9-9. They scored two more runs than we, 92-90. It's a polarized electorate.

In April, second series of the season, we went to Baltimore and clobbered them. Three game sweep. Two in extra innings. They were tomato cans. Empty tomato cans.
In early May, they came to the House and took two out of three. We considered it a glitch. Two weeks later, we split two in Camden Yards.

We didn’t see them again until July. They came to New York and won two of three. Then they did it again in August. We couldn’t hit with runners on base. Our lead was crumbling.
In September, we faced them in a four-game set. First place on the line.

In game one, we scored five in the eighth, demoralizing their then-bullpen lugnut, Strop. Then David Robertson and Boone Logan fell apart. We lost 10-6. Tied for first.

In game two, we built a 7-0 lead, Phil Hughes cruising. In the sixth, he lost it. They started chipping away. To the dismay of the Yankiverse, Girardi brought in Logan and Robertson.  This time, the dikes held. They touched Soriano in the ninth to make it close. Final score 8-5.  Back in first.

CC butchered game three. Never looked sharp, yielded a 5-2 lead. In the ninth, we put the tying run on third with one out. Mark Teixeira hit a slow grounder. He dove into first base, ripped up his leg, and he beat the double play throw. Everybody saw it, everybody but Ray Charles, who was umping first. The game should have been tied. It was over.  

In game four, we scored 7 in the late innings, kicking their girlie bullpen asses, 13-3.
Listen: They know us. We know them. But nobody knows nuthin about the bullpens.

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John M said...

Hey. It WAS about the bullpen, at least the O's bullpen.

I want what he's drinking.