Wednesday, October 3, 2012

This, my friends, is Juju

A friend writes...

In the bottom of the ninth, my father handed me the July/Aug issue of Smithsonian. 

He told me I should read the article about vice presidents. On page 30, there was juju, personified by Raul Ibanez, drilling a liner into the rightfield seats. "Keep reading," insisted my father. It's good luck." 

My father is 96. "good luck" is his generations version of juju. My hand stiffened through another bases loaded failure. Through a second inning of Soriano. Through more weak hacks in the bottom of the tenth. 

My father asked why I was such a slow reader. I was on about the fifth reading of the malfeasance of Spiro Agnew when my hand began spasm. I rested it briefly on my lap
as one veep after another mocked the office they had held and Cecelia failed to corral Lowe's wild pitch.

I shook my hand, held the mag steady on page 30.


Anonymous said...

duque - how did you not cover the win warble from last night? it was EPIC

el duque said...

I did get it - it was 7.61 - but for some reason, my file wouldn't load on blogger. Wasted a half-hour on the thing.

joe de pastry said...

Sometimes I watch games with my father, who is 90. He makes some dopey comments, like "If we win tonight and Baallimore loses we go to the World Series, right?", and then it takes about fifteen minutes to explain that's not really how it works any more. But it's pretty funny when he says stuff like "My two favorites Yankees are the catcher and the Jap!"

John M said...

Which Jap is your dad talking about? Because that makes all the difference.

My Yankee-loving mom, also of the WWII generation, says Jap sometimes, too. But I forgive her because I know she really means 'sneaky good for nothing evil bombers of Pearl Harbor.' See? It's not a racist comment at all.

manx said...

Here's a link to Raul's heroics. John's winwarble was certainly EPCOT!

Anonymous said...

he really reared back, dug deep, and gave it everything he had. it was like very bass-y, full of emotion.

and i bet last night's was a dud. or did he warble after robbie's second HR when the game was actually over?