Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big 1-2-3 inning by Joba has Yankees feeling good! (And other happy thoughts)

1. Mr. Utility, Eduardo Nunez, played three (3!) innings yesterday in Tampa!

2.  Randy Ruiz, a veteran DH we signed last week from the Mexican dirt leagues, went 5-for-8 yesterday for Scranton!

3. Jeet is now taking batting practice and is said to be virtually tied with A-Rod in the race to see who can come back to New York first!

4. Yesterday, in the Gulf Coast League, Yankees 1 beat Yankees 2 by a score of - who cares?, did anybody bother to keep score?

5. Joe Girardi learned a valuable lesson: that putting David Adams at 1B, so Alberto Gonzalez can play third, doesn't work!

6. Despite a grueling team schedule, Mariano is rested!

7. It's tick season, and there is still no cure for Lyme disease!

8. Next winter, the Yankees can slash payroll to $187 million, and nobody will even care!

9. There is no God! We are mere mathematical abstractions in a vast computer-generated firmament!

10. Vernon Wells got a hit last night!

11. Our basement flooded last week, and we're walking around in a maze of junk piles inside our house, which is great for making play forts!

13. We've got another whole half-season to play!


Anonymous said...

Here's their theme song for this season: NIN - Slipping Away

Alphonso said...

Can the dirt bag play first?

Alphonso said...

Sorry about your basement. But you could use it for a Ju-Ju intervention; charge the tv, race to the basement, and flop into the water, like a seal.

For the Yankees. For Dave Adams. For all the .145 hitters everywhere.

We thank you, in advance.

Joba Chamberlain, RHP said...

If I cannot be a starter, maybe I could play first base?

John M said...

I'm glad I'm in Germany while they finally slide out of sight. The Rays are large in the rearview. CC is large from any view. And I'm waiting for those incredibly cheap seats later this summer, when I will enjoy baseball as I remember it: with few fans in attendance, a hapless mishmash of old, aging and young cripples and AAAers, and Eddie Layton on the organ.

Hoss Clarke looked pretty fit on Old Timers Day. We could trade Robbie, get some great prospects, bring in Hoss to finish the year...just thinking out loud.

5.5. 4 games over. Buh-bye.