Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Yankee Future As A Piece Of Natural Art

Here is today's quick review of the amazing young, position-playing talent that has had game experience this year in pinstripes:

Dave Adams - .213
Nunez ( unfortunately, still not recovered ) - .200
Neal ( Don't bother to learn his first name ) - .200 ( strikes out 60% of at bats )
Corbin Joseph ( converted from second to first ) - .167
A.  Romine - .132 ( one of those catching prospects the whole league wanted, remember?).

And these are the best young players we have.  By young, I mean 26 and older.

No one has any speed, no one is known for their outstanding arm, no one has any power, and no one has a keen batting eye.  Nunez can either catch or throw, but not both.  Dave Adams was wanted in the Cliff Lee non-trade.

This group, which is "head and shoulders" above any other position-player Yankees in our minor league system ( which is why they got the " call ups "), is our future.

Let me know if you see any of these guys on the lists of hot young prospects now in the majors.  Let me know if anyone lusts for them as a teammate.  Let me know if they get two pages of coverage ( for their baseball talent ) in the NY Times.  Let me know if the other teams in the AL East ever stop laughing.

Let me know if any one of them ever amounts to anything more significant than cleaned-up road-kill.

Nice work Brian.  Who is your chief talent scout?



el duque said...

Alph, Aren't you being a little harsh on David Adams? He's done better than Youkilis.

Ben Gurion said...

for alphonso this actually makes a lot of sense.

Hermodorus said...

Adams is the new Youkilis.

Youk, your 2 HR and 8 RBIs made little impact during your time here. We assume your injury is juju-related.

joe de pastry said...

Youk is done.
Here comes Zorro Almondine!

SanJoseKid said...

Pretty slim pickings. Once again, a plea to implement the "Designated Fan" Rule at Yankee Stadium. At each home game a fan will be pulled out of the stands at random and allowed to play a position chosen by Joe Girardi. I can see it now . . . Alphonso at the Hot Corner.

Anonymous said...

Boot heck bootr
Felix the catnip
Cashman dumpster dives

Alphonso said...


Anyone is better than Yukilis now.

But he had a past of note. Adams has neither past nor future of note ( I fear ).

Adams just isn't a "tough out."

I desperately want him to become the next Pete Rose, but I don't see the keen batting eye of Pete. Though I do see the hustle.

Pete Rose, 3B said...

I'd be glad to introduce young Mr. Adams to point-shaving. Does he shave yet?