Wednesday, June 5, 2013

We Need Votes

How can I vote more often?

"Youk is not a Yank and never will be.  He is a sanctimonious, money grubbing has-been who hurt the Yankees when it mattered and is not helping them when it doesn't."  So what if this is illogical?

Doe he ever get a key hit?

Does he spend more time on rehab than in uniform?

Does he make more doing nothing than all of us combined?

Signing him was like signing a traitor and saying, "hey, it's only a game."

So, if you are a Yankee fan, please vote for the view that no one ( led by me ) should watch any yankee game unless Yuke is puking somewhere, not in the line-up.

As to what the Ju-Ju intervention is doing;

1.  Helping us edge a team that is in a worse funk than the Yankees.
2.  Putting Cano on ice ( he thinks he is playing Detroit in the playoffs ).
3.  Giving Phellps new life.
4.  Proving that Adams was decent for about a week.
5.  Sending a couple of our more interesting pitching prospects back to hell and degradation.
6.  Setting up Joba for his new home and new team ; " don't shush me, ever !!!"
7.  Keeping us 3 games out.
8.  Teaching us ( falsely) that we can win games without ever manufacturing a run.
9.  Demonstrating that when we get a few runs early, that is the end.
10.  Proving once again that pitching is all we have, and our only hope.

I'm twirling my radio over my head on a heavy string every night.

And drinking.

Multi-tasking, I call it.


Don Wilding said...

Joba is simply Kyle Farnsworth reincarnated. Someone stop the horror, please!

Ben Dover said...

Su madre come mierda. Usted un contra el semita alcohólico SOB

John M said...

Per your request in the comments a couple posts back.

Pardon the caps, but this is how it was on the site.


I actually got testosterone patches through my doctor because my level fell through the floor temporarily. You were supposed to use one, but I found that 3 actually made me feel 25 again, in all the good ways. It was a trip down memory lane...I had forgotten...

John M said...

Bad day to tune into the game late. 6-0.

Well, maybe we can score another 30 or 40 to make my afternoon worthwhile.

joe de pastry said...

We win when we hit homers with guys on base. We lose when we don't. Earl Weaver was right: pitching + defense + three-run homers = success.

General Francisco Franco said...

Hey, Ben Dover. If you were trying to rip Alphonso, why did you use the formal construction "Usted" instead of "tu"? Trying to distance yourself because "tu" implies familiarity? Gotta watch those nuances in Castillian.

jimmie reese said...

sorry general franco
i was distracted. my wife died 2 weeks ago.