Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Can We Be Honest?

This will be the easiest and most accurate prediction I have made in the last 20 years:

The Yankees recent draft will not yield a single player of value for the Yankees.

Read all the scouting reports you want;  listen to the radio waves; follow them on the minor league sites;  do whatever investigative work baseball fans do.

The Yankees recent draft will not yield a single player of value for the Yankees.

The best we can do is;

1.  Forget every name that you recently heard mentioned from the 2013 amateur draft.

2.  Pray that we have purchased the rights to some kids from the Dominican or Venezuela who claim to be 18, but are really 14.

3.  Hope that all the Yankee talent evaluators are fired or arrested.

4.  Look for somebody who was a walk-on in the 72nd round to emerge.

5.  Buy a lot of players at outrageous prices from current teams, once they become free agents.

Simple rhyme to remember:

Our first pick once was Andy Brown
He never ventured to our town.
Tall and rangy like a stick
He turned out to be a dick.


pepitone said...

This is the story
Of Brien Taylor.
Got into a brawl
like a drunken sailor.
He was number one
of all the picks.
He is now behind bars
at Fort Dix!

Anonymous said...

Can I be honest? Not that I don't enjoy the black humor of your posts, but how is it that you haven't killed yourself?

Anonymous said...

That being said. Don't kill yourself. Otherwise I will take it as a sign that suicide is an acceptable way of dealing with New York Yankee's related ineptitude.

John M said...

Andy Brown was really Andy Dick? No wonder he never made it. And he wasn't funny, either.

Anonymous said...

Let's at least give some of our kids a chance. Like Jeter, cano, Gardner, posada, guidry, Munson, and now Phelps, nova. We have talent if we give them a chance.