Monday, June 24, 2013

Which Yankee team in the Gulf Coast League should we root for?

This year, in one of the few pleasant surprises, the Evil Empire is fielding two teams in the Gulf Coast League, the rookiest rookie league north of day care.

Way I see it, we can't lose. At times, the Yankees get to play with themselves.

But on those play dates, when Yankees 1 play Yankees 2, who should we root for?

Whose side are you on? Yankees 1 or Yankees 2? (I pick 2s, because they're underdogs.) But it's not easy.

Yankees 1 have in CF Adonis Garcia, one of the Steinboys' cheapo Cuban signings, the ones destined to go nowhere. He's short and impressed everyone with his name in spring training, then tweaked a gonad. Presumably, he's on rehab. If not, he's an old man in a rookie league. In other words, Jerry Morales.

Yankees 1 also have Austin Aune, the golden boy of the 2012 draft, playing RF. This is sort of sad. Last year, in the same league - (yeahp, he's repeating) - Aune played shortstop. Right field? Ugh.

Yankees 2 is comprised mostly of Latino nobodies. There is Nathan Mikolas, a third round pick last year who - like Aune - is repeating the Gulf Coast League. Last year, he didn't hit a lick - (that's .149, if you don't believe me). Soon, more recent draftees will show up.

Nine out of 10 will never see Triple A. But, hey, count me in on the days the Yankees play with themselves.


Old Dick Young said...

Unfortunately, at some point we all reach the age at which we sometimes lose even when we play with ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Root for all of them....which league did you play in. Repeating? Big deal...and you can't spell