Saturday, June 15, 2013

One Last Reason To Worry

The trade deadline looms.

Cashman and his crew of misguided staffers can yet build a fantasy that the Yankees can still win this thing.  Now.  This year.  MO's last season.

They can pony up any and all prospects ( I hesitate to name any, because losing Yankee minor league position players is not a big risk ), including some of the players ( mostly pitchers ) who have had a taste of the Bronx and done well ( Adam Warren,  Nunu, Foghorn leghorn, mystery man Montogomery, etc), and trade them for a passle of $12million guys who are, say, 60 days younger than Wells, Hafner, Pukilis and more.

We can get a fresh set of over-the-hill, former all stars, who will give us a nice 30-45 day run before their tanks go to fumes.  Joe can get back to 3 games over .500, while adding the equivalent of A-Rod's contract to the payroll in a single swipe.

Fear this, friends.  Fear it.

Cashman and the Steinbunglers still believe in the ancient magic.  Evidence, proof, science, reality and intelligence do not fit their character.  Sound like a particular group in DC?

It can happen.

In our lifetimes, I doubt that the Yankees will conceded the need to re-build.  There is too much money on the table, and too much failure in the minor leagues, to face re-building with no straw.


Brian "The Love Machine" Cashman, Yankees GM, said...

Oh ye of little faith. I have this all figured out. It's called the Southern California fix. I trade every single player in our minor league system and then mortgage Yankee Stadium to a Chinese financier, and with that leverage pick up the contract of Josh Beckett from the Dodgers and Luis Pujols (check out his batting average!) from the Angels. Thus, by the trade deadline I have reinvigorated both our starting rotation and put a key bat in the lineup that will transform our offense into the best in baseball. I'm good, damned good. At least that's what the hookers tell me . . . . Buy me a bottle of Crown Royal, Alphonso, you GM wannabe.

Alphonso said...

The scary thing is; your plan might just be their plan.

If so, we will drink the crown royal together before jumping into San Franciso bay.