Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Birthday to El Duque

From all the Yankees hitting below .200, we wish you many happy days.

I know that 83 seems old, but you can still "pick it."

All the best.  Just don't inhale too aggressively when ready to blow out the candles !

We tried to win today for you, but one run was our limit.


Mustang said...


This day in Yankee history: link.

SanJoseKid said...

Happy Birthday, Duque. Hope the sun is shining in Syracuse.

KD said...

What a spirit you have. You'll never grow old. Happy Birthday!!

John M said...

Wow, you don't look a day over 79. Ba da boom.

But seriously, hope you had a great day. We lost, but that was a given once we saw that Whitey and Yogi couldn't get out of the golf cart. Some geniuses made Luis Arroyo and Don Larsen stand out in the sun in that heat for a good 20 minutes. Well, they gave Luis and Mel chairs, at least, so they could pass out from lower to the ground if they should choose to sit down.

I think Pepitone was bird-dogging the Yankee widows. I also liked how they segregated the Yankee short-timers, so-sos and scrubs to one foul line so they could keep the stars unsullied on the other.

All this, on your birthday in Yankee history! Cheers!

el duque said...

Thanks, everybody. And thank YOU, Boone Logan, for making it so memorable!

KD said...

Loagn is always more than happy to let somebody else's runners score.

Alphonso said...

Cone jinxed him.

The guy got the game winning hit off Logan the moment Cone finished complimenting him on emerging as the prime, lefty-on-lefty specialist in the AL.

And Kelly showed suckability for the first time. Now we learn why Seattle cut him.