Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stuff I care about

Stuff nobody cares about. But this guy. And this 1978 Yankee handout schedule.

By the way, on that date - June 21, 1978 - the Yankees lost to Boston 9-2.


John M said...

By the way, on the postgame show, Suzyn reported that Girardi was asked what he thought about CC's performance. He said it was really good, he just had one bad pitch.

One bad pitch. I guess that's all it took to load the bases and cough up a grand salami. That must be some kind of record. One pitch, four guys reach base and they all score. Incredible. Obviously there must have been some kind of science fictiony time warp or something, where three guys got on base on ONE BAD PITCH, and then a rookie hits his first homer of the year ON THE VERY SAME BAD PITCH and racks up four ribbies.

Aced again. Very lucky we pulled this one out. Must have felt like old times for CC. Give up five, but no problem because we score seven. Acey.

Anonymous said...

Fred Stanley was the only Yankee better hitting above .300?